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Cisco Q3: Enterprise shines while service provider biz struggles

Cisco said it enterprise business is looking strong but service provider segment still sees challenges

Cisco reported third quarter 2015 revenues of $12.1bn this week, just over 5 per cent what it raked in during the same quarter last year. In a call with analysts this week Cisco execs said the company sees continued growth in its enterprise segment, but its service provider business continue to struggle.

IBM adds second SoftLayer datacentre in the Netherlands

IBM is launching a second SoftLayer datacentre in the Netherlands

IBM has announced the launch of a SoftLayer datacentre in the Netherlands, its second in the country. The move comes the same week IBM reported cloud revenue increases of close to 75 per cent.

Orange launches €20m venture fund for early-stage digital startups

Orange is setting up a fund to invest in digital startups

Orange has set up a Digital Ventures fund aimed at providing early-stage investment to companies developing innovative solutions around evolving strategic areas like cloud, big data, internet of things and security.

IBM boosts patent portfolio with cloud, big data optimisations

IBM is bolstering its IP portfolio with cloud, analytics patents

IBM has boosted its patent portfolio by scoring two patents – one detailing a technique to speed up how data is processed and analysed in real-time data streams, the other relating to how analytics can be used to automatically shift workloads to lowest-cost cloud services within and between cloud datacentres

Alcatel-Lucent’s SDN subsidiary confirms cloud data centre implementation

Nuage Networks provides data centre SDN to OVH

Alcatel-Lucent’s software defined networking (SDN) subsidiary, Nuage Networks, has announced that it will be providing its Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) to global hosting firm OVH. The deployment of VSP in data centres across Europe and North America will deliver OpenStack as a Service to OVH.

Net-A-Porter Group CIO: “Cloud an essential component of managing spikes, testing”

Fahy said he plans to help the company modernise its use of analytics

Online luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter Group has announced the appointment of Hugh Fahy as the Group’s new chief information officer. Fahy told BCN that the company plans to make greater use of cloud to solve scaling problems during peak shopping periods, and use analytics to gain more insight into these challenges.

Big data isn’t just for big companies


Inhi Cho Suh, vice president, big data, integration and governance at IBM spoke with Business Cloud News at the recent Cloud World Forum conference in London about how the next generation of big data services will evolve; how cloud and big data can often form a powerful combination.

Splunk, Syncsort take mainframe big data analysis to the cloud

Splunk and Syncsort are partnering to help enterprises analyse data generated by IBM mainframes in the cloud

Big data service provider Splunk has teamed up with Syncsort to bring analytics and data visualisation capabilities to IBM mainframe-generated data.

SAP and Microsoft integrate cloud applications

Microsoft and SAP said they wanted to improve interoperability between their respective technology stacks

Software giants Microsoft and SAP announced an agreement Monday that will see the two firms expand their global partnership by integrating one another’s cloud-based applications and improving interoperability between the two technology stacks.

Carta Blanco: NFV at Telefónica

telefonica fig 2

One of the most vigorous operators within the NFV ISG is Spanish incumbent Telefónica and, true to the message of accelerated change that the paper sought to communicate, it has not been sitting idly by. The firm marked the opening of MWC 2014 by setting out aggressive plans for the virtualization of its network functions, including detailed timelines relating to different network elements. The project has been dubbed ‘Unica’ and has as its headline aim the virtualization of 30 per cent of all new infrastructure by 2016.