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Box’s first public quarterly results show promise

Box made its first quarterly results announcement this week

In its first financial results statement since going public (excluding its SEC filings) cloud storage and collaboration incumbent Box announced fourth quarter 2015 revenues of $62.6m, a 38.8 per cent increase year on year.

Google adds backup-focused storage to cloud portfolio

Nearline is a solution that services the middle ground between 'hot' and 'cold' stoarge

Google is adding low-cost backup-centric cloud storage to its portfolio of Google Cloud offerings as it moves to bolster partnerships with NetApp, Veritas among other backup providers.

Red Bull drinks up hybrid cloud file sharing platform

Red Bull is swapping Box for Egnyte

The North American division of energy drink giant Red Bull has rolled out Egnyte’s hybrid cloud file sharing and collaboration service, replacing its cloud-based incumbent solution Box.

Box buys mobile security startup Subspace

Box has acquired another mobile security startup

Barely a week after the company’s last acquisition Box announced it has purchased Subspace, a mobile security and browser containerisation startup based in Berkeley, California.

Santander banks on security cred in cloud storage push

Santander is to offer cloud-based storage services to clients

Santander said it will leverage its position as a “trusted” provider as it reveals plans to offer cloud-based storage services to corporate clients.

AstraZeneca taps Box amidst IT refresh

AstraZeneca is deploying Box as part of a broader IT refresh

UK-based pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca said it plans to deploy Box for content collaboration and sharing among its global workforce. David Smoley, chief information officer at AstraZeneca said the company wants to improve how employees collaborate with one another and external parties.

Bowmer and Kirkland taps Egnyte for file sync & share

Bowmer and Kirkland is deploying Egnyte to support file sync & share globally

Bowmer and Kirkland, which employs over 1,300 professionals throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has deployed Egnyte across the company’s 26 subsidiaries in a bid to reduce printing costs and enforce stricter version control on some of the files and documents needed to support various projects.

Microsoft targets smart email with Acompli acquisition

Microsoft has acquired Acompli to bolster its mobile strategy

Microsoft has acquired Acompli, a mobile email application provider for iOS and Android devices. The company hasn’t disclosed the final sale price but numerous reports suggest Acompli fetched north of $200m.

Microsoft and Dropbox integrate clouds

Microsoft has stepped up its open source strategy significantly this year

Microsoft is letting users of the company’s productivity suite store, access, edit and share Office 365 files directly from Dropbox’s cloud-based storage platform.

Enterprise cloud storage struggling against consumer-focused offerings, Ovum claims

Enterprise-focused cloud storage and collaboration vendors are struggling to overtake consumer focused offerings in the enterprise

Although the number of enterprise-focused players entering the cloud storage marketing seems to be growing each month, recently published research suggests consumer offerings still account for the bulk of the solutions used in businesses today. Of employees using file sync and share tools at work, 89 per cent are using consumer products and just 9 per cent of those using these services claim to be satisfied with the commercial, enterprise-focused offerings given to them by their corporate IT department, according to Ovum.