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CIF cloud code of practice gains European Commission backing

The Cloud Industry Forum's COP gained the EC's seal of approval for cloud certification this week

The Cloud Industry Forum’s (CIF) code of practice for cloud service providers has been added to the European Commission’s growing list of cloud certification schemes. The move means it passes the EC’s benchmark for service security and reliability.

IEEE forms cloud interoperability “testbed”

IEEE's new cloud tesbed group will complement its Cloud Computing Innovation Council in India, and work on IEEE P2302

In an effort to standardise how clouds interoperate and federate with one another the IEEE has put together an intercloud tesbed, which the international standards development organisation says will help the industry develop standard methodologies for cloud-to-cloud internetworking.

IEEE forms Cloud Computing Innovation Council in India

IEEE says the Cloud Computing Innovation Council will act as a platform for companies, government agencies and others to come together to accelerate cloud innovations

IEEE announced today that it has formed the Cloud Computing Innovation Council in India, which will serve as a think tank focused on developing technological innovations across the cloud-computing in India and other emerging markets.