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Avnet launches Cloud Marketplace with AWS and IBM as key clients

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Global distributor Avnet has launched a cloud shop and unveiled both IBM and AWS as headline partners.

Verizon cloud marketplace goes live

Verizon's cloud marketplace aims to make it easier for devs to deploy applications on its infrastructure

Verizon has unveiled its one-stop-shop for cloud-based applications certified to work on the telco’s cloud infrastructure.

Telstra taps AppDirect for cloud marketplace

Telstra plans to offer a cloud app store based on AppDirect's technology

The deal with Telstra marks AppDirect’s first foray into the Asia Pacific region, and is a sign of the growing popularity of cloud application marketplaces

IBM consolidates cloud services in marketplace, bolsters PaaS play

IBM has launched a marketplace for its cloud services and other third-party services that can be integrated into apps built with BlueMix, the company's Cloud Foundry-based platform

Enterprise IT giant IBM finally took the wraps off its cloud services marketplace Monday, an app store where it has consolidated most of its cloud-based offerings as well as those offered by third party software vendors. IBM also added support for integration of a range of third party offerings in BlueMix, the company’s bid to create one PaaS to rule them all, another step in its broader shift towards embracing self-service.