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81% of CIOs believe legacy systems are having negative impact on business

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Research from Trustmarque has highlighted 81% of CIOs believe legacy infrastructures are having a negative impact on the IT department’s productivity levels.

Mounting frustration with cloud technology is stifling adoption – research

An influential group of senior business executives is being disillusioned by experiences with cloud hosted applications, according to new research. The proportions, though relatively low, are growing as cloud disenchantment threatens to set in.

84% of UK CIOs say cloud reduces overall IT control – survey

UK CIOs are concerned cloud adoption is reducing their control over IT

A recent survey of 100 UK CIOs suggests close to nine in ten believe unsanctioned use of cloud services has created long term security risks for their organisations, and about 84 per cent believe cloud adoption reduces their organisation’s control over IT more broadly.

Healthcare, financial services and manufacturing lagging in cloud adoption

Frost & Sullivan says vertically-focused solutions will be the next big cloud opportunity in Europe

As European enterprises look to shift more of their in-house IT systems over to the cloud, research published this week suggests there is a big disparity between the level of adoption among different sectors, with traditionally conservative industries like energy and manufacturing lagging behind sectors like media and retail. Shuba Ramkumar, a senior ICT research analyst at Frost & Sullivan says it’s a wake-up call for vendors: vertically-focused solutions will be the next big cloud opportunity in Europe.

Cloud gives airports competitive edge but lack of specialised solutions remains, says Gatwick CIO

Michael Ibbitson, chief information officer of Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport, London’s second largest airport has been moving its core internal and customer-facing IT systems since 2012 in a bid to make it more agile, efficient, and – as it mulls the addition of another runway – scalable. Michael Ibbitson, Gatwick’s chief information officer says that while the airport’s embrace of cloud has already begun to yield significant benefits, the aviation sector remains largely underserved by specialised cloud offerings which he says may create roadblocks in its endeavour to become the most innovative airport in the UK.