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What did we learn from BT’s 2016 CIO Report?

Office worker sitting on rooftop in city

BT has recently released its 2016’s CIO report, dissecting the challenges and opportunities available for enterprise organizations, and the CIO, following the mainstream adoption of disruptive digital technologies.

Support for the cloud is over priced, say disillusioned CIOs


The vast majority of businesses now use cloud computing but most feel ripped off, according to a study.

US Department of Labour CIO: ‘Be ready to address network, legacy workloads in cloud move’

Dawn Leaf, CIO at the US Department of Labour

Organisations in the public and private sectors need to be prepared to address some of the key challenges related to networks, security, and legacy workload virtualisation when moving to the cloud, explained Dawn Leaf, chief information officer at the US Department of Labour.

Gartner: CIOs need to focus on supporting mobile, context-aware services, analytics

CIOs need to put in place the kind of infrastructure that can support mobile services, predictive analytics, and context-aware services

A recent Gartner poll of 2,800 chief information officers globally reveals public cloud is in itself of minimal focus among a wide range of deployment options they must consider to support the next generation of applications, services and devices. The firm said CIOs need to instead focus instead of supporting mobility and using analytics to improve operations.

Piab CIO: ‘Cloud is essential for enabling more mobile workforce’

Piab wants to enable a more mobile workforce

Consolidating its applications and SQL servers in the cloud has made it easier for industrial manufacturing product vendor Piab to support mobile employee workstyles, the company’s chief information officer Greg Anderson tells BCN.

Emaar Egypt CIO on living in a hybrid cloud world

Moataz Hassouna, CIO of Emaar Properties Egypt

Property management isn’t the first vertical that springs to mind when one thinks of IT as a strategic differentiator. But Moataz Hassouna, chief information officer of the Egyptian division of Emaar Properties, one of the Middle East’s largest property management firms, says that IT is one of the essential means by which the company keeps ahead of its competitors.

Citrix taps former Bechtel CIO to lead strategy

Geir Ramleth

Virtualisation incumbent Citrix announced the company has appointed Geir Ramleth to the role of senior vice president and chief strategy officer.

CIOs are struggling with infrastructure performance management, research finds

Enterprises are applying old techniques to solve new challenges

Recently published research suggests European CIOs and IT managers don’t have the technical capabilities to deploy infrastructure performance management across their datacentres.

Behind the IT strategy that powers the Nissan-Renault Alliance

Stephen Kneebone, chief information officer, Nissan

The marriage of Nissan and Renault, well into its 15th year, brought with it a significant business reform strategy that puts IT transformation at its core. Stephen Kneebone, Nissan’s chief information officer with responsibility for the EMEA region explains to BCN how the Alliance’s IT strategy is helping both brands deliver a consistent, coherent digital platform for internal users and customers.

Cloud vendors failing verticals on industry-specific services, CIOs claim

Enterprise IT decision makers speaking at the Okta European Cloud Summit in London

While many enterprises are starting to shift a good portion of their application landscapes into the cloud it’s clear that many niche applications have yet to be moved, in large part because cloud-based alternatives simply don’t exist, according to IT heads in the private and public sector.