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APMG launches end user cloud computing foundation certification scheme

Skills and training

Cloud industry expert Bernard Golden has created a vendor-independent course to help people and businesses make the transition to cloud-based services.

Microsoft beats rivals to certify under new public cloud security standard

Microsoft claims to be the first to adopt ISO/IEC 27018

Microsoft has adopted a relatively new ISO standard that specifies measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public cloud environments. The company claims it is the first public cloud provider to do so.

Over half of UK IT pros aren’t convinced cloud requires new training

Cloud skills are in high demand but IT pros don't see the need to retrain

With enterprise adoption of cloud services steadily gaining momentum in the UK, many including the British government have called on the IT sector and educational institutions to retrain and prepare the next generation of IT personnel for the unique challenges these technology platforms present. But recently released research suggests that while IT professionals rate their cloud-specific skills fairly poorly, most have not and do not see a need to acquire any new cloud skills.

CompTIA to certify IT pros in cloud, virtualisation

CompTIA has developed a vendor-neutral certification programme for IT professionals working with cloud services and technologies

Cloud and virtualisation skills are in high demand and relatively short supply but CompTIA, an industry trade association is launching a certification programme this week which aims to help IT professionals validate their cloud skills.