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CenturyLink expands datacentres in North America, UK

CenturyLink expanded and set up new datacentres in the US, Canada and the UK

Infrastructure and platform as a service provider CenturyLink announced Wednesday that the company will expand its datacentre presence significantly in 8 markets within the US, Canada and the UK.

CenturyLink turns on high performance cloud service as big data advances in enterprises

Jared Wray, chief technology officer of cloud at CenturyLink, and founder of Tier 3 and Iron Foundry

CenturyLink announced the commercial availability of hyperscale high-performance server instances this week, the latest cloud service provider to move down the high performance compute route. As the Tier 3 acquisition continues to bear fruit – its technology is increasingly found at the core of CenturyLink’s cloud platform, CenturyLink Technology Solutions chief technology officer and Tier 3 / Iron Foundry founder Jared Wray told Business Cloud News that the growth of highly distributed, developer-friendly high performance computing is the result of shifts in the enterprise IT landscape.