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Costain launches cloud mobile app for civil engineering

Costain plan to launch more mobile, cloud based applications in the coming months

Civil engineering and construction solutions provider Costain announced today the deployment of a new cloud-based mobile workforce application for the construction industry that enables better record keeping and helps contractors resolve disputes with clients.

Global IT market tightening its belt, says IDC

Worldwide IT Spend 2013_IDC

The research and analyst firm originally forecast growth to be in the area of 4.9 per cent, but revised its figures down to account for the perceived impact of the economic downturn in China and sluggish recovery in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, core IT spending is looking to rise above the $2 trillion mark for the first time.

Cloud and BYOD make headway in London local council

According to Conaway, nearly every employee of Brent Council has a smartphone or tablet

According to Brent Council chief information officer Stephan Conaway, most of the organisation’s data now resides in the cloud, which in some ways represents a significant deviation from how local government traditionally runs IT.

mobile and cloud to reduce enterprise costs by $28tn by 2015

Speaking about the intersect between mobile, cloud and the enterprise at the BYOX World Forum in London Wednesday, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland Thomas Davies predicted that mobile internet will reduce enterprise IT costs by $25tn and cloud $3m by 2015

Citrix unveils a slew of BYOD-focused applications


As competition for market share continues to heat up in the mobile enterprise space, Citrix has unveiled a range of new cloud solutions and updates to existing software offerings that when combined will beef up their proposition to enterprises practicing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) as a standard policy.

Come one, come all

Enterprises are facing a challenge from employees who want to use personal devices to access corporate data. Perceived benefits around cost and productivity are balanced by concerns around device management and security. Mobile operators are positioning themselves to address these concerns and facilitate the trend.