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The flexible working phenomenon – what’s holding us back?

Business people working together in office

We live in a world where the 9-5 office job is rapidly becoming obsolete. The office worker is no longer chained to a desk, thanks to the rapid rise and swift adoption of technologies which enable work to take place at home, on the move, or anywhere with an internet or mobile connection.

BYOD threat larger than anticipated – survey

BYOD isn't being managed effectively by many IT departments

Over half of UK workers over the age of 18 are using mobile devices and tablets in the workplace that are entirely unmanaged by their organisation’s IT department according to a recently published survey.

Giving employees the cloud they want

Business are taking the wrong approach to their cloud policies

There is an old joke about the politician who is so convinced she is right when she goes against public opinion, that she states, “It’s not that we have the wrong policies, it’s that we have the wrong type of voters!” The foolishness of such an attitude is obvious and yet, when it comes to mandating business cloud usage, some companies are still trying to live by a similar motto despite large amounts of research to the contrary.

BYOD needs to shift to account for wearables

Enterprises need to start including wearables in their BYOD and data security plans

The popularity of wearables in the workplace is due to accelerate rapidly over the next twelve months, recently published research suggests. Raimund Genes, chief technology officer of Trend Micro, the firm that commissioned the research, said IT departments need to begin incorporating wearable computing devices into their data protection and device management policies in order to mitigate data security challenges associated with such a rapid proliferation of devices.

IT departments ill-equipped for Internet of Things, research finds

Recently published research suggests enterprise IT departments are ill-equipped to manage Internet of Things devices, applications and platforms

Recently published research suggests that while many businesses believe the benefits gained from using Internet of Things sensors, platforms and applications in the workplace far outweigh the associated risks, IT departments find themselves ill-equipped to address those potential risks.

Citrix buys mobile virtualisation firm Virtual

Citrix has acquired Virtual, a mobile virtualisation platform provider

Virtualisation incumbent Citrix has acquired Virtual, a mobile app virtualisation startup targeting iOS and Android, for an undisclosed sum. The move will bolster Citrix’s mobile virtualisation efforts, which have stepped up significantly as the popularity of mobile enterprises and BYOD rises.

Mobility, BYOD top spending priorities for datacentre operators

Dutch datacentre operators are planning to up investments in system upgrades to support mobility and BYOD initiatives

The next two years will see a rise in datacentre projects designed to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and mobility initiatives, according to recently published research from Telindus and VCE. The research is yet another sign maturing enterprise mobility strategies are likely to start translating in new spending on datacentres technologies.

How to enable tomorrow’s workplace

Mark Keepax, senior vice president UK & Ireland, ASG Software

The beauty of an effective enterprise app store is that it hands control back to the IT department, allowing it to provide a true IT-as-a-Service capability. Enterprises need to wake up to the reality of utilising app stores as a secure, cost-effective employee management function. Whilst app stores seemingly appear to be a one-size-fits-all dream solution to managing employee cloud services, it requires a realistic evaluation of the need for control across all departments; from procurement to IT.

Securing the cloud in a BYOD world: “No one really has this figured out”

Recently published research reveals enterprise IT pros are struggling with cloud security, and intend to spend more in 2014 on technology and training to address it

Research published this week by enterprise IT incumbent Dell reveal significant increases in IT spending on security solutions as traditional workplaces to transform into cloud-focused BYOD cultures. And while a slew of SaaS-focused cloud security solutions seem to be hitting the market at record pace, for most CIOs, technology can only do so much.

Top execs should act as catalyst for their businesses to embrace cloud, survey says

According to the survey one in five are using cloud applications that aren't managed by their IT departments

C-level executives are less concerned with security and more likely to bring cloud applications and services into their businesses – even against the policies of their own businesses, according to a survey published Wednesday. And in tandem with the phenomenon of shadow IT (users bringing their own tech into the business) challenging information security, these C-level executives should act to catalyse their businesses’ embrace of new technologies.