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IBM teams up with SK C&C to teach Watson Korean

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea.

SK C&C has continued Korea’s efforts to increase the usage and adoption of cloud computing within the region, announcing a new strategic alliance with IBM focused on the Watson cognitive computing platform.

Infosys to use IBM’s Bluemix make next generation of cloud apps


IBM and Infosys have announced a joint venture where Infosys will use IBM’s Bluemix system to prototype, develop and roll out new cloud apps for its client base in 50 countries.

IBM Bluemix Local promises developers quick fix on hybrid cloud app building


IBM has launched a new hybrid cloud system that could make application building a lot quicker for enterprises – without compromising security.

IBM bolsters Bluemix with added services, Cloud Foundry Dojos

IBM is bolstering its Bluemix and Cloud Foundry initiatives

IBM has signed up a number of partners for its Bluemix platform that will see the company bolster the platform-as-a-service with and its Cloud Foundry efforts by establishing developer meeting spaces.

IBM, NASA team on cloud, open data app code-a-thon

NASA is teaming up with IBM to host a code-a-thon for developers interested in supporting space exploration through apps

IBM and NASA are partnering on the space agency’s Space App Challenge, which will see participating developers build applications that help solve space exploration challenges.

IBM to pour £2bn into Internet of Things business unit

IBM is putting billions of dollars into creating a standalone IoT division

IBM announced it plans to spend up to £2bn over the next four years to consolidate and revamp its Internet of Things technologies and services into a standalone business unit. The move seems aimed at broadening its appeal beyond proto-IoT segments it traditionally caters to.

Apple, IBM team up with enterprise focus

Tim Cook, Apple CEO and Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, walking the walk and talking the talk

Apple and IBM have joined forces to target enterprise mobility through business applications that bring IBM’s strengths in big data and analytics to Apple devices. The move is intended to strengthen Apple’s presence in the enterprise space with more than 100 industry-specific tools and native apps, developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad.

BlueMix goes live but will it boost IBM’s cloud strategy?


IBM’s platform as a service offering BlueMix, originally announced in February this year, has gone live in the company’s cloud services marketplace this week. Gary Barnett, principal software analyst at research and consultancy firm Ovum told Business Cloud News that the offering has the potential to transform the company’s software business. But its success will ultimately depend on IBM’s ability to integrate third party services, and break into new customer demographics it hasn’t always seemed comfortable catering to.

IBM consolidates cloud services in marketplace, bolsters PaaS play

IBM has launched a marketplace for its cloud services and other third-party services that can be integrated into apps built with BlueMix, the company's Cloud Foundry-based platform

Enterprise IT giant IBM finally took the wraps off its cloud services marketplace Monday, an app store where it has consolidated most of its cloud-based offerings as well as those offered by third party software vendors. IBM also added support for integration of a range of third party offerings in BlueMix, the company’s bid to create one PaaS to rule them all, another step in its broader shift towards embracing self-service.

IBM pours $1bn into PaaS, expands SoftLayer-based services

IBM unveiled the latest update to the server architecture at the foundation of its SystemX and PureSystems offerings

Continuing its hardware divestment efforts, IBM announced Wednesday that the company is investing another $1bn in its platform as a service efforts and bringing a majority of its middleware and systems management software onto SoftLayer’s infrastructure.