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Google touts updates and price cuts to entice users to use cloud for non-bursty stuff

Google announced a slew of updates to its cloud services. But will they be enough to entice enterprises?

Whether one hears it from Microsoft, Amazon or any other large cloud provider, the message is the same: most people still use public cloud for bursting into occasionally. Google’s new updates and price cuts seem geared towards incentivising sustained cloud usage, which could bring cloud closer to cost parity with bare-metal. But will enterprises bite?

Cloudera beefs up partnerships to bolster big data in the cloud

Cloudera said the newly announced partnerships will bolster enterprise penetration

Big data platform provider Cloudera today announced a slew of new partnerships with a number of cloud infrastructure service providers including Savvis, Verizon, Softlayer and T-Systems. The company said the move will help bolster enterprise penetration of its big data services, despite the notable absence of the big three – Amazon, Google and Microsoft.