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NEC establishes big data research centre in Singapore

NEC Laboratories Singapore will mobilise industry and academia around big data and surveillance to improve social infrastructure

Adding to its global R&D efforts NEC has announced a research centre that will look to innovate around big data, cyber security and energy efficiency. NEC Laboratories will be based in Singapore.

Olery CTO: We are a 100% cloud company

Wilco van Duinkerken, chief technical officer, Olery

Delivering business intelligence to the hospitality industry, Olery’s transition from a startup with a headcount of three to a 20-person company in just two years required an IT setup that could scale as it evolved. As a result, the company turned to the cloud for everything from service delivery and product development to sales, marketing and productivity, according to Wilco van Duinkerken, Olery’s chief technical officer.

Big data will force a re-think, says Google cloud and big data guru

Barak Regev is head of cloud EMEA and big data guru at Google UK

While many businesses have only recently been engulfed in the big data frenzy currently sweeping through the commercial world, Google can legitimately claim its place as a key enabler of the revolution in data storage and processing that led to it.

Ovum warns telcos about missing out on big data

Many telcos are still in the early stages of developing their big data strategies

Telcos risk missing out on new opportunities to leverage big data because many lack the necessary analytics skills in-house, according to rResearch and analysis firm Ovum.

Huawei and Imperial College announce big data research venture

The partnership between Imperial and Huawei will focus on developing new big data technologies

Imperial College London is partnering with Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer Huawei to research and develop new big data technologies

Pentaho and Rackspace partner to provide Hadoop as a Service

Rackspace's Big Data platform is available from the company's website

Business intelligence and analytics provider Pentaho has partnered with leading hosting and IaaS provider Rackspace to launch a new Hadoop as a Service offering for enterprises with a need for cloud-based big data capabilities.

Cisco intends to acquire Composite Software for $180 million

Cisco's acquisition of Composite Software is expected to conclude by early 2014

In a bid to bolster its cloud services strategy and big data play, Cisco on Friday announced its intent to acquire leading data virtualisation services provider Composite Software.

Intersec: Deriving value from telecom Big Data


Ludovic Patraud, Director, Strategic Marketing & Product Management, at Intersec, talks to at Telco Cloud World Forum 2013 about helping operators to derive value from their data.

Big Data: the Hoarder’s dream


‘Big Data’ is one of those buzz phrases doing the rounds in the industry at the moment. It’s an adjacent topic to cloud but is being thrown around in much the same way, often prefixed by the question: “What are you doing about…?” Well, with the costs of storage plummeting, it’s becoming clear that the answer to that question is you should be storing everything.

Big Data: Store first, ask questions later


Last month, German service provider Deutsche Telekom embraced Big Data wholeheartedly, forging a collaboration with Apache Hadoop specialist integrator Cloudera, in order to deliver cloud-based, big data analytics as a service.