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Whirlpool selects AT&T, SoftLayer for e-commerce cloud platform

Whirlpool needed to makes its e-commerce systems more flexible

Multinational appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has transitioned away from its on premise hosting environment and selected IBM’s cloud platform deployed on SoftLayer, with private networking support being provided by AT&T Netbond, for its e-commerce platform. The company said it shifted its systems to the cloud because it needed to become more flexible on a global level.

Internap takes bare metal cloud to London, Hong Kong

Internap is the latest cloud service provider to bolster its bare metal service

Infrastructure as a service provider Internap announced that it has expanded it bare metal public cloud service to London and Hong Kong. The move comes as other cloud incumbents look to bolster their bare metal cloud offerings alongside their virtualised platforms.

Rackspace announces bare metal cloud based on OpenStack Project Ironic

Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology, international at Rackspace

Rackspace announced the launch of OnMetal Thursday, a single-tenant infrastructure as a service that can tap into the full range of APIs available in the OpenStack ecosystem. The company’s vice president of technology and product, international Nigel Beighton told Business Cloud News that the service represents a “step change” for the cloud industry because it breaks dependence on virtualisation and alters how the industry thinks of “the cloud.”

Hot Metal: How bare metal is making a comeback in cloud

In the world of cloud not all workloads are created equally and bare metal cloud might be making a comeback

Cloud computing entails a significant shift in the way IT services are delivered to organisations, a trend correlated with, and to some extent the cause of, virtualisation in datacentre services. Given the many benefits virtualisation affords: flexibility, scalability, and agility, to name a few, it can be confidently said that most cloud-based services offered today are hosted on some virtualised platform. Yet there is a converse trend that is seeing enterprises, driven by performance, security and cost concerns, swinging back towards bare metal implementations.

Google touts updates and price cuts to entice users to use cloud for non-bursty stuff

Google announced a slew of updates to its cloud services. But will they be enough to entice enterprises?

Whether one hears it from Microsoft, Amazon or any other large cloud provider, the message is the same: most people still use public cloud for bursting into occasionally. Google’s new updates and price cuts seem geared towards incentivising sustained cloud usage, which could bring cloud closer to cost parity with bare-metal. But will enterprises bite?

Bigstep launches bare-metal IaaS for big data applications

Bigstep says running big data applications on virtualised infrastructure wastes resources

Cloud computing and virtualisation go hand in hand in many implementations but Bigstep is hoping to change all that by removing the hypervisor. The company is launching bare-metal high performance computing IaaS for big data applications this week and the company’s commercial director, Ioana Hreninciuc, claims the removal of the hypervisor improves performance dramatically.