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Amazon confirms Israeli chip startup acquisition

Amazon has acquried Annapurna Labs, an Israeli networking chip maker

Amazon confirmed that it has agreed to purchase Annapurna Labs, an Israeli firm specialising in microprocessors for server systems.

Will Qualcomm chips soon power cloud datacentres?

Qualcomm signaled its intent to start designing and marketing server chips

Though Qualcomm enjoys a lead in the market for ARM-based mobile CPUs, the ARM-based server chip market is still in its infancy, with Intel – and the X86 architecture more broadly – commanding a strong lead in servers.

AWS opts for custom Intel over ARM silicon

Amazon is being supplied with customised Intel chips to power some EC2 instances

Intel is incorporating a new breed of custom Intel processors to power its recently introduced high performance EC2 instances. The move comes months after Amazon was said to be mulling a move to customised silicon.

Michael Dell: Cloud at the centre of our strategy

Michael Dell: Cloud is at the centre of our strategy

Dell founder and chief executive officer Michael Dell told analysts and press this week that going private has helped the company thrive following his controversial move to buy back the company he founded in 1984. The company plans to keep acting as the single interface for multiple public clouds, but Dell also hinted the company may move away from longstanding partner Intel towards using ARM-based chips for some of its servers, which could send ripples through the datacentre world and the cloud segment.

Connected home leaders pitch device protocol

Nest is getting connected

Building on growing momentum in the connected home space, several big name vendors including Yale Security, Silicon Labs, Samsung Electronics, Nest Labs, Freescale Semiconductor, Big Ass Fans and ARM, have joined forces to develop a new IP-based wireless networking protocol to connect devices.

IBM, BT, ARM among UK tech firms to deliver Internet of Things interoperability platform

HyperCat is an interoperability layer for the Internet of Things

A consortium of over 40 UK-based tech firms and research organisations have delivered on the first phase of an Internet of Things initiative, a platform specification that allows applications to discover and make sense of machine-generated data automatically. The move is a notable step towards the creation of technical standards for the fledging Internet of Things segment.

Salesforce Wear to bring wearables, cloud-based CRM together

Salesforce announced its wearables play Tuesday, which it said would help businesses provide a more tailored, intimate customer experience

Salesforce took the wraps off its wearables play Tuesday with Salesforce Wearables, a software development pack for the Salesforce1 platform that the company said can help connect IP-enabled devices to business processes. Salesforce said the platform will help businesses provide better customer service, improve product tailoring and critically, monetize Internet of Things devices.

Facebook backs project to develop ARM servers

An organisation founded in 2010 to define the future of Linux on low power mobile chips from ARM has won support from social networking giant Facebook.