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Microsoft selects Ubuntu for first Linux-based Azure offering


Microsoft has announced plans to simplify Big Data and widen its use through Azure.

Apache Spark reportedly outgrowing Hadoop as users move to cloud

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Apache Spark is breaking down the barriers between data scientists and engineers, making machine learning easier and is out growing Hadoop as an open source framework for cloud computing developments, a new report claims.

Apple allegedly planning to unify web services on Mesos open source infrastructure

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News of significant numbers of Apple device crashes have fuelled industry speculation that Apple is planning to unify its variety of online services into one open source system built on Mesos infrastructure software.

IBM calls Apache Spark “most important new open source project in a decade”

IBM is throwing its weight behind Apache Spark in a bid to bolster its IoT strategy

IBM said it will throw its weight behind Apache Spark, an open source community developing a processing engine for large-scale datasets, putting thousands of internal developers to work on Spark-related projects and contributing its machine learning technology to the code ecosystem.

Hortonworks buys SequenceIQ to speed up cloud deployment of Hadoop


Hortonworks has acquired SequenceIQ, a Hungary-based startup delivering infrastructure agnostic tools to improve Hadoop deployments. The company said the move will bolster its ability to offer speedy cloud deployments of Hadoop.

DataStax buys TitanDB specialists Aurelius to strengthen graph capabilities

DataStax has acquired Aurelius, the brains behind Cassandra-based TitanDB

Enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra vendor DataStax has acquired Aurelius, the eight-person firm behind the open source graph database tech TitanDB.

Mesosphere raises $36m, announces fully-fledged cloud operating system

Mesosphere is pitching its DCOS as a scalable

Mesosphere, a firm best known for commercialising Apache Mesos, has raised $36m in a series B round of funding and launched a datacentre operating system that it said helps users aggregate and manage vast quantities of datacentre resources and deploy distributed applications.

Apache Spark-based cloud provider Databricks bags $33m

Databricks, which offers a processing engine based on Apache Spark, secured $33m in new funding

Databricks, a company started by the founders of Apache Spark, an open source processing engine for large-scale datasets, has secured $33m in funding. The news comes as the firm pushes its first commercial Spark-based offering live.

Box announces open source initiatives to ramp up community engagement

Box is open sourcing a range of projects in a bid to "give back" to the communities that have contributed to its success

Enterprise cloud storage and collaboration firm Box announced this week that the company is open sourcing a range of internal initiatives to “give back” to the coding communities that have contributed to its success.