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Google eases migration of large data sets between Amazon S3 and GCP

Google recently added a form that allows users to request their personal data be deleted or de-indexed, but making private companies solely responsible for deciding the validity of such claims opens up a can of worms

Google has announced a service designed to ease the process of importing multi-terabyte data sets by making it faster, cheaper and easier according to Lamia Youseff, a product manager at the company.

NASA tracks climate change using AWS

NASA and AWS are partnering to experiment with self-service methods for accessing and innovating with large scientific data sets

In a bid to make more research data available for the broader geosciences community NASA announced this week that it has partnered with Amazon Web Service to host terabytes worth of climate and earth sciences satellite data generated by the Agency. NASA said it wants to use the cloud platform to promote community-driven research and innovation using its data.

Amazon targets startups with AWS Activate services

Amazon hopes to attract more startups to its public cloud platform and service ecosystem

Amazon Web Services today launched a range of bundled services under the umbrella ‘AWS Activate’ which includes a number of AWS resources and services packaged together and aimed at startups looking to use the cloud platform to help grow their businesses.