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Red Hat to acquire Inktank in software defined storage play

Red Hat is buying Inktank for $175m to bolster its software defined storage solutions

Red Hat said Wednesday that the company has entered into an agreement to purchase Inktank, a company that offers a software defined storage solution which optimises storage platforms for the cloud, for $175m in cash. Inktank’s founder and chief technology officer Sage Weil said the acquisition could even reverberate in the OpenStack community, where Red Hat is particularly active.

Carta Blanco: NFV at Telefónica

telefonica fig 2

One of the most vigorous operators within the NFV ISG is Spanish incumbent Telefónica and, true to the message of accelerated change that the paper sought to communicate, it has not been sitting idly by. The firm marked the opening of MWC 2014 by setting out aggressive plans for the virtualization of its network functions, including detailed timelines relating to different network elements. The project has been dubbed ‘Unica’ and has as its headline aim the virtualization of 30 per cent of all new infrastructure by 2016.

Numergy selects Nuage Networks for SDN to support cloud datacentres

French cloud service provider Numergy selected Nuage Networks' SDN platform, and plans to virtualise more of its datacentre resources

French cloud service provider and IT specialist Numergy announced Wednesday that the company will deploy Alcatel-Lucent routers and Nuage Network’s software defined networking (SDN) platform to support its cloud computing infrastructure. The cloud service provider said the move is an essential stepping stone towards virtualising more of its datacentre resources.

Alcatel-Lucent breaks into cyber security

Alcatel-Lucent breaks into cyber security

Alcatel-Lucent has made its first foray into the cyber security sector by partnering with security specialist Arbor Networks to deliver DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection to Telindus Telecom in Luxembourg.

Forum brings Ethernet up to date for cloud era

CloudEthernet forum launches to improve the capability of Ethernet for cloud

As Ethernet technology turns 40 years old, a group of cloud vendors, users and carriers launched a cross-industry alliance, the CloudEthernet Forum, to target further development of the technology so that it can meet the evolving needs of cloud service providers and users.