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What does business transformation mean to you – view from EMC, Etisalat and Partner’s Healthcare

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Speaking at EMC World, EMC’s President of Global Sales and Customer Operations Bill Scannell, was joined by EMC customers John Grieco, VP of Information Technology at Partner’s Healthcare and Etisalat Egypt CIO Khalid Almasouri to discuss the role of business transformation in the digital era.

Organisations may be overpaying for cloud, research finds

Claranet's research suggests organisations value the flexibility of cloud, but when extended to pricing it could be to their detriment in some situations

The perceived flexibility of the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cloud services consumption model is often hailed by CIOs as one of the leading reasons for their adoption. But research published by UK cloud service provider Claranet suggests organisations are often overpaying service providers by putting more predictable workloads on cloud platforms.