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Box and Adobe announce new partnership to simplify PDF’s in the cloud

Adobe and Box

Box and Adobe has announced a new partnership to simplify working with digital documents in the cloud.

Adobe, Software AG and Wipro show how cloud can manage retail detail

Open cloud retail sign

Three major retail technologists have unveiled how the cloud could make retailers more responsive.

Adobe posts 22% Q4 revenue growth, driven by Creative Cloud


Adobe Systems has claimed it is only just starting to gain from cloud adoption, after reporting record earnings.

Is Adobe axing Flash under cover of Creative Cloud?

Adobe Animate screen

As an official Adobe blog hailed a ‘new era’ for Flash Professional, the software company seems to be sidelining its creation.

Adobe tweaks Document Cloud to unblock Dropbox and make e-signing easier


Adobe has announced two improvements to document management in the cloud, by making PDF files more manageable in Dropbox and solving one of the snags in electronic document signing.

Adobe under renewed pressure to kill Flash following security issues

Much of the world's digital video content is still served up on Flash

Adobe Flash, the video and graphics platform that was once almost ubiquitous across computing devices is coming under increasing pressure after a series of security vulnerabilities.

Google challenges Apple, reveals Android for Work in big enterprise push

Android is looking to bolster its enterprise cred and one-up Apple as iOS devices continue to dominate enterprise activations

Google has announced the Android for Work programme, an effort to integrate and secure mobile and cloud-based apps on the Android platform. The initiative, which includes some big names in the enterprise space like HP, Dell, SAP, VMware and Citrix, is aimed at bolstering Android as an enterprise mobile platform – and combatting iOS’s dominance there.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Too little too soon?

Adobe's Create Cloud suite suffered a massive outage last week, raising questions about how long the company can continue to offer non-cloud software on a cloud consumption basis

Millions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud users were unable to access their services late last week because of a malfunction with the database that stores Adobe Live account logins. The issue may highlight the growing crisis Adobe faces with its “cloud” software.

Oracle’s Responsys acquires PushIO in mobile cloud marketing drive

Responsys (owned by Oracle) purchased PushIO to expand its cloud-based marketing capabilities, and stay ahead of other incumbents looking to broaden their cloud pitch to CMOs

Cloud marketing firm Responsys, which was gobbled up by Oracle in December, has itself acquired PushIO, a small technology company specialising in push notifications on mobile devices and desktops. The acquisition will help Responsys (Oracle) keep pace with other cloud companies looking to bring more focus on mobile and broaden the pitch to CMOs.

Adobe data breach highlights the company’s security shortcomings, experts say

Adobe says the data breach compromised IDs, passwords and email of 2.9 million customers, and an undisclosed amount of payment

Adobe confirmed Thursday that it has suffered significant security breaches compromising the data of 2.9 million customers and valuable source code for its software offerings when it was targeted in a “sophisticated” cyber attack this week, an event some experts say could have been avoided had the company made larger strides to protect its data.