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SAP and Accenture to double down on cloud for verticals

SAP and Accenture are partnering to target industry verticals with industry-specific cloud solutions

Global system integrator and consulting firm Accenture and German software giant SAP announced a partnership Monday that will see the two companies jointly set up a business unit to focus on developing industry specific cloud-based solutions. The news comes barely two weeks after SAP’s cloud-native competitor NetSuite announced a similar partnership with Dell and Deloitte.

City of Ghent, OCMW enlist Accenture and SAP for cloud-based HR

The City of Ghent in Blegium and the Public Center for Social Welfare (OCMW) announced Monday that the organisations have completed the build-out of a public cloud-based HR platform (image source: Wikipedia)

The City of Ghent in Belgium and the Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) announced Monday the completion of the build-out of a public cloud-based human resources platform in a bid to improve training and performance management across the departments.

How Google Glass will challenge and transform the enterprise

Many believe smart glasses will create significant efficiency gains in a range of verticals

Watching Google Glass adverts one gets the sense that everyday consumers will soon use these magnificent spectacles to do everything from sending tweets with a twitch of an eyelid to displaying surrounding Thai restaurants and recording live video of long walks along the Grand Canyon. Perhaps even at the same time. Smart glasses shipments are expected to top 10 million annually by 2018 according to Juniper Research. But while it could be argued that Google’s pitch for Glass relates more closely to how it can be used in familiar consumer-focused applications, this technology will likely find more innovative uses in niche enterprise applications well before it becomes normalised or cheap enough for the everyman. It will also need to overcome some key barriers first.

Michelin taps Accenture for cloud-based mobility services

Michelin Solutions has been set up to deliver a range of M2M and cloud-enabled fleet management services

International consulting and outsourcing firm Accenture announced a partnership Friday with Michelin Group to create a business group that will deliver mobility solutions to Michelin customers using Accenture’s cloud platform.