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Developing a winning hybrid cloud strategy


This Business Cloud News Whitepaper, in association with HP investigates the factors both driving and inhibiting hybrid cloud deployment, looks at how resources will be managed across platforms and explores the right mix of skills to manage applications, platforms, networks and systems in a hybrid environment.

Where does cloud fit into the Internet of Things?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to become one of the most transformative technological and commercial opportunities yet, with a range of IoT services already hitting the market. Some analyst houses are forecasting deployed connected devices to number in the tens of billions in just a few years, leading to the development of a new generation of interconnected solutions.

Cloud-Based Collaboration: How organisations are fundamentally changing the way they collaborate


The need to collaborate with co-workers, external partners and clients has always been paramount for organisations, but as the results of the 2015 BCN Annual Industry Survey – which includes responses from over 715 senior IT professionals – make clear, the needs of workers and their employers are changing swiftly.

The Internet of Things: Bridging the gap between devices and developers with cloud services


The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most disruptive trends in technology today but as IoT services start to hit the mainstream, the sometimes conflicting requirements of device manufacturers and developers are beginning to create tension between these two groups.