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Google unveils cloud-based testing lab to combat Android fragmentation

The scale of Android fragmentation as visualised by OpenSignal

Google unveiled a cloud-based testing service for Android apps it hopes will help combat fragmentation in the growing Android ecosystem.

Google Cloud gets bottleneck detection service

Google is looking to appease devs on its cloud platform

Google is introducing a set of tools that allow developers to monitor and pinpoint service bottlenecks in applications hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Ericsson to build new cloud, interoperability R&D centres

Ericsson says that the new R&D centres will house up to 24,000 engineers, nearly a quarter of the companies 110,000-strong global workforce

Swedish ICT technology and services provider Ericsson announced today that it is planning to construct three new research and development centres that will focus on delivering interoperability testing services for new technologies underpinning cloud services.

A defining moment for SDN

Software-defined networking (SDN) is the latest acronym to save the day, promising more flexible, scalable and intelligent networks. But what does SDN actually mean?

Facebook backs project to develop ARM servers

An organisation founded in 2010 to define the future of Linux on low power mobile chips from ARM has won support from social networking giant Facebook.

The half life of ideas is converging on zero

The Informer feels like he’s just got back from the future. He’s been attending the inaugural Wired event in London, which is sponsored by Telefónica O2 and serves as a tank for some of the tech and art sectors most interesting brains to swim around in.

He’s heard about the origins of the digital universe from George Dyson, collaborative consumption from Rachel Botsman, and immortality from Richard Seymour, seen 3D printing in action and watched unmanned drones and robots zip about the place.

EU Commission launches consultation process on cloud computing

The EU Commission has launched a public consultation process into how businesses, public administrations and other interested parties can benefit from a cloud computing market that the Commission predicts will be worth €35bn in Europe by 2014.

Enter 5G – the NanoCore

A research paper published by Imthiyaz Ali, a senior software engineer at Wipro Technologies, claims to be the first such paper to take at look at the 5G network, which he refers to as “the NanoCore”. The nanocore is based upon the convergence of four main existing technologies: nanotechnology; cloud computing; all IP network; and flat IP architecture.

Alcatel-Lucent; China Mobile sign MoU for next-gen network development

Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile have announced a joint memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the pair co-operating on research, testing and development of next generation mobile and cloud computing technologies. The MoU will see the extension of a previous joint-development arrangement on Alcatel’s ‘lightRadio’ technology.

SK Telecom eyes LTE-A in 2013

South Korean carrier SK Telecom this week held a demonstration of LTE technology ahead of a planned commercial launch in July, announcing its intention to upgrade to LTE-Advanced during 2013.