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inBloom’s closure highlights dark side of privacy in sectors driven by data

inBloom is closing down amidst pressure from parents and teachers; the case raises important questions about privacy in our most sacred public institutions

inBloom, the US-based not-for-profit that touted a technology platform that would analyse student data to create individually tailored learning curriculums, announced Thursday that it will be winding down its operations and shuttering its doors within the coming weeks.

G-cloud team to increase awareness, Singleton says

Tony Singleton said GDS will step up efforts to educate the public sector about buying through G-Cloud

G-Cloud head, chief operations officer and deputy director of operations for the Government Digital Service, Tony Singleton, said in a blog post Tuesday that the organisation will take a number of steps to educate buyers on and increases awareness of the G-Cloud programme.

OFT report on ICT procurement deficiencies signals huge opportunity for G-Cloud

The OFT said in a recently published report that the government is not making much headway in tackling ICT procurement practices which have engendered anti-competitive bahaviour across the public service

A report released by the UK Office of Fair Trade (OFT) inquiring into key barriers in the procurement of ICT in the public sector argues a combination of ingrained procurement habits and the continued domination of few large service providers continues to hamper competition in the public sector IT market. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks said that the results show government needs to invest more in new forms of digital service procurement like G-Cloud or risk losing industry buy-in.

EC selects HP to coordinate CoCo cloud project

European Commission selected HP to coordinate CoCo Cloud project Thursday

An EC-funded project aimed at creating an efficient and flexible framework for confidential and compliant (CoCo) cloud transactions which kicked off at the end of 2013 will be coordinated by HP, according to the Commission.

Cabinet Office needs to step up, former head of G-Cloud says

McDonagh said the Cabinet Office needs to improve how it educates the public sector about G-Cloud

Home Office chief technology officer and former G-Cloud head Denise McDonagh told a group of local and national government authorities this morning that the UK Cabinet Office needs to increase visibility of the G-Cloud framework across the public sector.

Google ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing mobile, cloud patents

Google has been ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing its mobile and cloud patents

Following a verdict handed down at the end of January this year, Google has been ordered to pay software licensing company SimpleAir $85m in damages related to its infringement of the company’s patents related to sending notifications from cloud services to mobile devices. John Payne, the lead inventor and majority owner of SimpleAir told Business Cloud News that the company is pleased with the result of the case and hopes this resolves the conflict once and for all.

Microsoft, Vietnam Government to work closely on cloud, cybersecurity

Vietnam's Ministryof Information is partnering with Microsoft to improve cybersecurity and develop local skills around cloud computing, app development and infrastructure management

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with enterprise software giant Microsoft this week that will see both parties co-operate on bolstering cyber security, cloud infrastructure and application development, and infrastructure management skills in Vietnamese businesses.

White House looks to US citizens for feedback on Big Data

The US government is looking for input from the public on the implications of Big Data technologies on their lives

Following requests from US President Barack Obama last month to lead a comprehensive review of how Big Data will affect how American live and work, the White House Office of Science and Technology policy (OSTP) announced that it is now seeking public comment on the ways in which Big Data may impact privacy, the economy, and public policy.

Cameron pledges to work with Germany on Internet of Things

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to work with Germany on research and development on internet of things technology, 5G technology and strengthening the EU’s single digital market

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to work with Germany on research and development on the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology and the EU as a single digital market. Cameron made the pledge as he joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel in opening the CeBIT 2014 trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

NHS patient database to rest up amid privacy concerns

NHS England has delayed a national electronic medical records database amidst mounting pressure from patients and practitioners, moving the project implementation back six months

NHS England has delayed a national electronic medical records database amidst mounting pressure from patients and practitioners, who claim citizens aren’t familiar enough with the project and the way private medical information will be handled.