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Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19bn, promises to keep it ad free

Facebook will acquire WhatsApp for $19bn in what some have called the biggest startup acquisition in web history

In what some have billed the largest startup acquisition in web history, Facebook on Wednesday agreed to acquire cloud-based over the top mobile messaging firm WhatsApp for an eye watering $19bn.

IBM, AT&T partner on Internet of Things to make cities smarter

AT&T and IBM are partnering on an M2M platform that will combine cloud, analytics and IoT technology to make cities safer and smarter

Enterprise IT giant IBM and US carrier AT&T announced a partnership Wednesday that will see the two companies co-develop cloud and analytics solutions that ingest data from M2M sensors embedded in civil and energy infrastructure in cities. The companies said they will combine analytics, cloud and security technologies in a bid to capitalise on the burgeoning Internet of Things movement.

Austrian Economic Service taps T-Systems cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH, which promotes Austrian SMBs on the global stage, tapped T-Systems' cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH (Austria Wirtschaftsservice) announced this week that it has selected Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems’ virtual private cloud for its new IT platform. The organisation, which promotes small businesses on the global stage, said privacy was a key concern as it looked to replace its on-premise IT estate with a cloud platform.

Telus opens $75m cloud datacentre in Canada

The $75m cloud datacentre is part of a $3bn infrastructure and network upgrade investment announced in March 2012

Canadian mobile operator Telus announced this week the opening of a cloud datacentre in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The telco said the datacentre will serve as the foundation for its enterprise cloud services in the region.

Survey suggests cloudwashing to blame for poor tech understanding

123-reg's survey suggests most people aren't confident in their knowledge of cloud computing

A survey administered by one of the UK’s largest domain registrars, 123-reg, found that just 37 per cent of respondents were confident they knew what cloud computing was. This figure is up just three per cent on last year. The survey results suggest despite the massive growth of cloud services over the year most people’s understanding of the cloud remains relatively low.

Telefónica and Orange grow European startups

Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to aid growth among the region’s technology startups

European operator groups Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to help the region’s technology startups to grow into global internet firms. The EC said it plans to “take on Silicon Valley” with the launch of two initiatives; an acceleration programme called the Startup Europe Partnership and a think tank called the European Digital Forum.

Verizon powers cloud TV offering with Intel Media purchase

Verizon is buying Intel Media

Verizon Communications on Tuesday agreed to acquire Intel Media, a business division dedicated to the development of Cloud TV products and services. The US carrier will incorporate the Intel-developed technologies into its next-generation video services through the Verizon FiOS fibre optic network and over the top to any device, including via LTE.

NSA revelations prompt Canadian, UK businesses to reconsider US cloud

NSA surveillance activities are causing a quarter of UK businesses, one in three Canadian businesses to consider moving off of US servers

As revelations of the US’s widespread digital intelligence gathering techniques continue to populate headlines worldwide, non-US businesses’ trust in American providers of cloud services continues to plummet. A study published at the end of last week suggests one in four Canadian and UK businesses are moving their data outside the US in a bid to evade the NSA’s watchful eye, a significant increase on results reported just six months ago.

Global M2M revenues set to almost triple by 2018

Revenues derived from M2M services are set to almost triple globally over the next five years, according to Ovum

Revenues from M2M services are set to almost triple globally over the next five years, according to research firm Ovum. However, mobile operators stand to miss out on this revenue opportunity unless they strategically partner with other stakeholders in the M2M ecosystem, the research firm warned.

AWS to debut behind the Great Firewall of China in early 2014

AWS will go into limited public release in early 2014

In a bid to redouble efforts in one of the biggest growth markets for cloud services Amazon announced that it has struck several partnerships with local service providers that will see AWS land in China in early 2014. The company said it is catering to a growing number of Chinese multinational companies using AWS in other regions and will look to grow its service behind the Great Firewall.