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HCL and Microsoft launch IoT incubation centre

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India based global services company HCL Technologies has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) incubation centre in Redmond, the home of Microsoft.

Microsoft creates Azure hub for Internet of Things

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Microsoft has put its new Azure IoT hub on general availability. In a statement, it claims the new system will be a simple bridge between its customers’ devices with their systems in the cloud.

Wind River and IBM to integrate their IoT clouds

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Intel’s IoT software subsidiary Wind River is to work with IBM to make Industrial IoT projects run smoother and more efficiently.

Wind River partners with Roland Berger and Ricardo to develop automatic driving systems


IoT software company Wind River is to develop car automation software with civil engineering specialist Ricardo and consultancy Roland Berger.

OVH claims integration of TimeSeries PaaS with Sigfox IoT cloud

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France-based ISP turned cloud operator OVH has announced that its TimeSeries platform service is now integrated with the cloud service provided by IoT specialist Sigfox.

Toyota to build massive data centre and recruit partners to support smart car fleet

Toyota smart car stand

Car maker Toyota is to build a massive new IT infrastructure and data centre to support all the intelligence to be broadcast its future range of smart cars.

IoT comes to the CES: opening up the home to the sharing economy

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One of the most intriguing corners of this year’s CES is the dedicated SuperSession on ‘IoT Business Strategies: Partnerships for the Sharing Economy’.

HPE launches Edgeline systems and Aruba Sensors for IoT

HPE datacenter

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced a new invention that means that Internet of Things (IoT) systems can decentralise all their processing and devolve decision-making to local areas.

How Silicon Valley is disrupting space

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We tend to think of the Space Industry as quintessentially cutting edge. As such it feels awfully strange to hear somebody compare it to the pre-Uber taxi industry – nowadays the definition of an ecosystem ripe for seismic technological disruption.

The IoT in Palo Alto: connecting America’s digital city

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Jonathan Reichental is the man entrusted with the hefty task of ensuring the city is as digital, smart and technologically up-to-date as a place should be that has been called home by the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.