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IBM launches smart cities R&D in Sichuan with OpenPower partner

IBM is working with Sichuan Huaxun Zhongxing Technologies, which recently joined the OpenPower Foundation, on smart cities in China

IBM is set to launch an R&D facility based in Southwest China’s Sichuan province with its Chinese partner Sichuan Huaxun Zhongxing Technologies, which has also joined the IBM-led OpenPower Foundation. The facility will focus on developing the latest smart cities and Internet of Things technology, a major initiative of the Chinese government over the past few years.

IBM, BT, ARM among UK tech firms to deliver Internet of Things interoperability platform

HyperCat is an interoperability layer for the Internet of Things

A consortium of over 40 UK-based tech firms and research organisations have delivered on the first phase of an Internet of Things initiative, a platform specification that allows applications to discover and make sense of machine-generated data automatically. The move is a notable step towards the creation of technical standards for the fledging Internet of Things segment.

Nest developer programme connects to wider Internet of Things

Nest is getting connected

On the eve of the Google I/O conference, the company’s annual developer shindig, home automation pioneer Nest Labs launched a developer programme to connect its thermostat and smoke alarm devices to the wider Internet of Things.

Salesforce Wear to bring wearables, cloud-based CRM together

Salesforce announced its wearables play Tuesday, which it said would help businesses provide a more tailored, intimate customer experience

Salesforce took the wraps off its wearables play Tuesday with Salesforce Wearables, a software development pack for the Salesforce1 platform that the company said can help connect IP-enabled devices to business processes. Salesforce said the platform will help businesses provide better customer service, improve product tailoring and critically, monetize Internet of Things devices.

Internet of Things brings significant security risks

The Internet of Things will force businesses to implement better security controls, ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis said

At the end of last week Juniper Research predicted that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in homes will reach ten million by 2017 as consumers flock to these technologies to improve every moment of their lives. But Mike Ellis, chief executive officer of ForgeRock, and identity management service provider, says the stampede towards the Internet of Everything has serious security implications.

Microsoft puts Azure at the centre of Internet of Things

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella said his company will continue to target the burgeoning Internet of Things market

Microsoft’s freshly minted chief executive officer Satya Nadella said this week that the Internet of Things (IoT) will play an increasingly large role in the company’s strategy moving forward. The company unveiled the latest version of SQL server and a number of Azure-based services designed to ingest, metabolise and rationalise data from IoT sensors.

Internet of Things revenues are in embedded software, Flexera says

Flexera believes IoT manufacturers can create sticky revenue from the software embedded into the hardware

Selling more devices won’t result in big spikes in profits that Internet of Things manufacturers are hoping for, according to software provider Flexera. Instead, manufacturers will have to figure out how to create sticky revenue from the software developed to configure and power their products, the firm said.

Intel, IBM, AT&T, Cisco and GE found the Industrial Internet Consortium

Intel, IBM, AT&T, Cisco and GE founded the Industrial Internet Consortium this week, a group looking to create internet standards around the Internet of Things

Intel, IBM, AT&T, Cisco and GE announced the formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium this week, a membership group of telcos, research institutes and technology manufacturers focused on developing interoperability standards and common architectures to bridge smart devices, machines, mobile devices and the data they create.

CSA to open source software defined perimeter “sometime this year”

Jim Reavis, executive director of the Cloud Security Alliance

Coming off the heels of a successful hackathon last week that didn’t see its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) network breached, the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) executive director Jim Reavis told Business Cloud News that the organisation is on track to release an open source version of the framework “sometime this year.”