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IBM and Catalogic Software combine to slash costs of data management


IBM and Catalogic Software have jointly launched a new set of systems which combine Catalogic’s copy data manager ECX with IBM’s storage offerings, in a bid to help clients trim the excessive costs of duplicate data.

Microsoft unveils new Azure Stack migration strategy


Microsoft is to build its Azure Stack by increments on a foundation of consistency and continuity, it has pledged.

Actifio claims Global Manager will slash costs of managing hybrid cloud data

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Virtualisation company Actifio claims its new Global Manager can create the same savings for hybrid cloud managers that its earlier systems achieved in product data management.

New Service Director from HPE could simplify hybrid cloud management for telcos

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HPE claims its new Service Director system could put comms service providers back in control of their increasingly complex hybrid computing estates. It aims to achieve this by simplifying the management of network function virtualisation (NFV).

Citrix to sell CloudPlatform and CloudPortal to Accelerite, improve XenApp


Citrix has announced it will sell its CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager systems to infrastructure software vendor Accelerite. The acquisition is expected to close in Q1 2016, subject to conditions.

New Xangati platform gets automated storm remediation

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California based network performance manager Xangati has launched a new automated system for boosting hybrid cloud output.

Deciding between private and public cloud

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Innovation and technological agility is now at the heart of an organization’s ability to compete. Companies that rapidly onboard new products and delivery models gain competitive advantage, not by eliminating the risk of business unknowns, but by learning quickly, and fine-tuning based on the experience gathered.