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Orange launches €20m venture fund for early-stage digital startups

Orange is setting up a fund to invest in digital startups

Orange has set up a Digital Ventures fund aimed at providing early-stage investment to companies developing innovative solutions around evolving strategic areas like cloud, big data, internet of things and security.

Encryption-in-use vendor Vaultive scores $8m to secure the cloud

Encryption gateways are all the rage these days

Vaultive, a vendor providing software that keeps data encrypted as it’s fed to and processed by cloud applications, has secured $8m in a funding round that concluded this week. The company said the funding will help bolster its position against other fast-growing cloud encryption incumbents.

Nested virtualisation firm Ravello scores $28m from Qualcomm, SanDisk among others

Ravello's key pitch is that you can replicate a VMware environment in a non-VMware public cloud

Ravello Systems, a firm specialising in nested virtualisation technology, has secured $28m in its latest round of funding. The firm, founded in 2011 by some of the original KVM team, said the funds will be used to redouble its bid to penetrate the cloud market.

Basho scores $25m to accelerate distributed NoSQL DB roadmap

Basho Technologies has secured $25m, which it will use to accelerate its product roadmap

Basho, the primary developers of the open source distributed key-value database Riak, has secured $25m in its latest round of funding. The company said the cash influx along with a refreshed management team will help re-position Basho, an early NoSQL pioneer, as a leader among a growing sea of non-relational database providers.

Box moves forward with IPO despite steep deficit

Box wants to raise between $162.5m and $186.8m through an IPO

Cloud-based storage and collaboration services provider Box plans on raising between $162.5m and $186.8m through an initial public offering, the company reported in an updated SEC filing Friday, despite generating a considerable deficit since its inception four years ago.

Huddle CEO: Cloud storage is commodity, it’s all about collaboration

Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin, founders of Huddle

Cloud-based collaboration provider Huddle has raised $51m in its latest round of funding led by Zouk Capital, which the company said would be used to double down on developing analytics and mobile capabilities for its flagship offering.

Avi Networks raises $33m to take on Citrix in cloud app delivery

Mahajan: 'Monolithic application delivery is broken'

The company’s central offering, a cloud application delivery platform, combines network monitoring and analytics with an SDN-inspired app delivery architecture, which it claims offers significant benefits in the form of scale, and can deliver either on premise or cloud-native apps via the cloud.

CipherCloud scores $50m for cloud data security

CipherCloud has secured $50m in funding

CipherCloud has scored $50m in its latest funding round, which the cloud security vendor plans to use to bolster its international expansion strategy.

Intersec nabs $20m to bolster telco big data initiatives

Intersec will use the $20m to expand outside the telecoms sector

Intersec has secured $20m in a round of funding that the company will use to bolster the reach of its big data platform for telcos and its expansion outside of telecoms.

As Mirantis bags $100m, is more OpenStack consolidation in the offing?

Adrian Ionel, chief executive officer of Mirantis

OpenStack service provider Mirantis has secured $100m in series B investment, which the company claims is one of the largest funding rounds in the open source space yet. Adrian Ionel, Mirantis’ chief executive officer told BCN the company plans to double down on existing investments and may look to acquire smaller firms as it seeks to consolidate its position as a pure-play OpenStack provider.