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City of Boston moves 76,000 employees over to cloud

Bill Oates, chief information officer, City of Boston

The US City of Boston has successfully migrated 76,000 public servants and students over to Google Apps, replacing on-premise Microsoft Exchange infrastructure in a big to cut costs and simplify IT management.

The hardware guy: how Bank of America is building a new infrastructure

Reilly: constant reinvention is crucial to success

David Reilly, head of the Technology Infrastructure unit at Bank of America, began his career in financial services IT started in the UK working nightshifts in the kind of environment where magnetic tapes had to be loaded for batch processes to run and the concept of real-time processing was not a factor.

Branded servers decline but white-box servers rise on cloud adoption

White-box server sales increased by 94 per cent this year, and accounted for 7.2 per cent of all server shipments

Branded server sales declined 3 per cent in the last quarter, the fourth consecutive quarterly decline according to new data published by research and analysis firm IDC. But while server revenues for big players like IBM, Oracle and Cisco continue to decline, increased adoption of cloud services could accelerate the rise of original design manufacturers (ODM) as cloud service providers seek lower cost avenues for achieving scale.

Luxury clothing designer sees cloud as perfect fit

Scabal is migrating all of its IT systems to the cloud and transforming the IT department in the process

Scabal, a Brussels-based luxury clothing designer whose threads have been donned by the likes of Daniel Craig and David Beckham recently embarked on an ambitious cloud migration project, moving all of the company’s IT infrastructure including voice communications over to Interoute’s cloud platform. Jose Largo, the company’s IT director leading the migration says that the project will help make Scabal more flexible as it grows – and completely change the nature of its IT department in the process.

UK ERP projects still plagued by over-spend, complexity and confusion

79 per cent of IT and financial decision makers in the UK are dissatisfied with their business' ERP roll-out

Enterprise resource planning tools provided by major vendors like SAP, Microsoft and Oracle are at the heart of many medium and large enterprises’ critical systems. But research published today by integrated systems provider K3 FDS suggests UK businesses are struggling with ERP implementation projects due to unnecessary over-complexity and cost, with nearly four in five IT and financial decision makers claiming dissatisfaction with their ERP roll-outs.

EDF Group to build 1 petabyte private cloud platform

EDF Group said the private cloud platform will help reduce costs through the consolidation of its IT estate, and help improve collaboration among its global workforce

EDF Group, a global consortium of energy companies, announced a partnership with IT service providers Bull and Osiatis Monday that will see the two companies build a private cloud platform for EDF’s digital collaboration assets. Serving 160,000 users, the platform will be one of the largest of its kind in the world according to the companies.

Over half of UK IT pros aren’t convinced cloud requires new training

Cloud skills are in high demand but IT pros don't see the need to retrain

With enterprise adoption of cloud services steadily gaining momentum in the UK, many including the British government have called on the IT sector and educational institutions to retrain and prepare the next generation of IT personnel for the unique challenges these technology platforms present. But recently released research suggests that while IT professionals rate their cloud-specific skills fairly poorly, most have not and do not see a need to acquire any new cloud skills.

Bharat Light and Power looks to cloud for growth management

BLP is looking to use cloud and big data to improve operations and safety

Bharat Light and Power (BLP), a enewable energy producer in India, has signed a deal with IBM that will see it shift its plant monitoring systems to the cloud, and use cloud-based big data analytics to help improve operational efficiency as it looks to manage future growth. The company says the new platform will help it achieve scale while making overall operations more efficient.

217% increase in big data investment over 12 months, report says

GP Bullhound, the investment firm behind the research says prescriptive analytics will fuel the next big wave of enterprise tech m&as

Growing at a rate of 56 per cent annually and pegged to reach $7.4bn by 2017, big data is one of the highest growth markets in technology today. Big data analytics has garnered $1.4bn worth of investment over the past 12 months, over 200 per cent more than last year according to research published Friday. The investment banking firm that commissioned the research says the results suggest the industry is about to enter a new stage of consolidation dominated by enterprise IT incumbents.