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Microsoft confirms Nadella as CEO

Satya Nadella, chief executive officer at Microsoft replaces Steve Ballmer

Microsoft announced Tuesday that Satya Nadella will indeed take on the role of chief executive officer at the software company effective immediately. The company’s founder Bill Gates will also be stepping down as chairman to assume a more hands-on role on the board as a technology advisor.

Spiceworks bags $57m to bolster IT-centric social network

Spiceworks raised $57m in new funding, which it plans to use to expand and branch out into peripheral services.

Spiceworks, the makers of the popular social network for IT professionals announced Tuesday that it has secured $57m in a new round of funding led by Goldman Sachs. Sometimes known as the LinkedIn for IT pros, Spiceworks said it plans to use the funds to double down on expansion and product development – branching out into areas dominated by another darling of the IT world, GitHub.

Microsoft puts HPC instances on Azure as vendors gamble on margins

Microsoft follows Rackspace and Amazon in offering high-performance compute instances in the cloud

Microsoft recently announced the launch of its A8 and A9 high compute instances, following similar moves from a number of public cloud service providers. The move may prove to be an interesting experiment with asset utilisation and the margins on cloud infrastructure services.

Austrian Economic Service taps T-Systems cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH, which promotes Austrian SMBs on the global stage, tapped T-Systems' cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH (Austria Wirtschaftsservice) announced this week that it has selected Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems’ virtual private cloud for its new IT platform. The organisation, which promotes small businesses on the global stage, said privacy was a key concern as it looked to replace its on-premise IT estate with a cloud platform.

Mobile and DaaS setting of VMware/Citrix war for 2014?

Citrix and VMware are pitted against one another in the battle to virtualise end-user computing, both on the desktop and mobile platforms

Citrix and VMware released their fourth quarter financial results this week, with both companies reporting a mixed bag as they go toe to toe in the desktop, mobile and datacentre segments. But Citrix, which has held somewhat of a lead in mobile and desktop virtualisation over its rival, may see that gap narrow as DaaS and mobile cloud become intensely competitive over the next year.

Reading Borough enlists Fujitsu, Oracle for £1.35m cloud-based ERP project

Reading Borough enlisted Fujitsu, Oracle for £1.35m cloud-based ERP project

The UK’s, Reading Borough Council announced Wednesday that it has enlisted Fujitsu to help it set up and manage Oracle’s Financial Cloud suite, which is scheduled to go live in April this year.

Survey suggests cloudwashing to blame for poor tech understanding

123-reg's survey suggests most people aren't confident in their knowledge of cloud computing

A survey administered by one of the UK’s largest domain registrars, 123-reg, found that just 37 per cent of respondents were confident they knew what cloud computing was. This figure is up just three per cent on last year. The survey results suggest despite the massive growth of cloud services over the year most people’s understanding of the cloud remains relatively low.

Laboratorios Farmacéuticos taps Veeva for cloud-based CRM

Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi said the new CRM platform enhances is more flexible and effective when keeping sales, marketing and physicians in the loop

Spanish pharmaceuticals company Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi (Rovi) has tapped Veeva’s cloud-based CRM in a bid to replace its existing on premise solution, the company announced today. Rovi’s CRM and datawarehouse project manager Joaquín Guillén said the new platform will shave significant costs off its IT bill.

How RMS is transforming into a cloud and big data service provider

Paris Georgallis, senior vice president of cloud platform at RMS

Risk Management Solutions’ senior vice president of cloud platform operations, Paris Georgallis, told Business Cloud News that balancing the need to provide insurers with increasingly detailed risk models and data security needs has its challenges. But ultimately, running the big data platform in the cloud provides economies of scale – and speeds – unachievable without a seven figure investment.

IBM sells off low-end X86 business to focus on cloud, big data and Watson

IBM has sold its low-end x86 business to Lenovo for $2.3bn

IBM has entered into an agreement with Lenovo that will see that latter acquire IBM’s low-end x86 server business following hardware sales declines for the enterprise IT incumbent spanning nearly two years. The acquisition, valued at roughly $2.3bn, will likely help refocus the company on its new initiatives including cloud, big data, and cognitive computing as a service.