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Google adds to its Cloud Platform as vendors compete with AWS Lambda

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Google has added to its public cloud infrastructure for developers, Cloud Platform, with a new service that allows app writers to set up functions that can be triggered in response to events.

The easiest way to explain the cloud to your boss

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One of the predominant issues preventing enterprises from realising the benefits of the cloud is their limited understanding of the technology.

IBM launches 26 new cloud services for data scientists


IBM is launching 26 services new services on its IBM Cloud which it describes as a ‘sweeping portfolio for data scientists and app developers’. Its new offering includes 150 publicly available datasets.

Pulsant launches cloud comparison service

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UK based data centre and hosting company Pulsant claims it has created a system to help cloud buyers make fewer bad choices over online computing services.

VMware lay offs will herald year of mass global IT redundancies says analyst

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Cloud driven IT industry convergence will result in 330,000 job losses across the globe in 2016, according to one analyst.

Adobe, Software AG and Wipro show how cloud can manage retail detail

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Three major retail technologists have unveiled how the cloud could make retailers more responsive.

Tackling the resource gap in the transition to hybrid IT


We call the difference between what the IT department is being asked to do, and what it is able to do, the resources gap.

New Service Director from HPE could simplify hybrid cloud management for telcos

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HPE claims its new Service Director system could put comms service providers back in control of their increasingly complex hybrid computing estates. It aims to achieve this by simplifying the management of network function virtualisation (NFV).

Oracle creating 1,400 new cloud jobs in EMEA


Oracle has announced aggressive expansion plans with a recruitment drive for junior and senior sales staff to be based in six cities across EMEA.

Cisco launches Cloud Consumption as a Service to help CIOs retain control

Cisco shadow IT

Cisco has announced a new service to help CIOs regain control of the company computing resources as shadow IT threatens to run rampant.