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Cloud democratises retail investor services

Cloud has the potential to democratize investment services

Cloud services are opening up possibilities for the retail investor to create individual customised funds in a way that was previously the preserve of the super-wealthy. Coupled with UK regulation such as the Retail Distribution Review, the effect has been to make new business models possible, according to Michael Newell, chief executive at InvestYourWay.

Sinopec taps Alibaba for cloud, analytics services

Sinopec is working with Aliyun to roll out a series of cloud and big data services

Aliyun, Alibaba’s cloud services division is working with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) to roll out a set of cloud-based services and big data technologies to enable the firm to improve is exploration and production operations.

The cloud beyond x86: How old architectures are making a comeback

x86 i undeniably the king of datacentre compute architecture, but there's good reason to believe old architectures are making a comeback

When you ask IT pros to think of cloud the first thing that often comes to mind is web-delivered, meter-billed virtualised compute (and increasingly storage and networking) environments which, today, tends to imply an x86-centric stack built to serve up mostly any workload. But anyone watching this space closely will see x86 isn’t the only kid on the block, with SPARC, ARM and Power all vying for a large chunk of the scale-out market, as enterprises seek to squeeze more power out of their cloud hardware. What will the cloud stack of tomorrow look like?

Close to 40% of IT DMs find cloud is falling short once implemented, survey finds

Enterprises are struggling to manage the transition to cloud services, an NTT report suggests

Close to four in ten IT decision makers believe the cloud as it is implemented in their organisation is falling short of its potential, nearly the same proportion (41 percent) that say they find managing cloud vendors confusing, according to a recently published report.

Rio Tinto moves ERP, IM systems to Accenture cloud


Rio Tinto announced a partnership with Accenture that will see the global mining firm move the bulk of its application landscape to Accenture’s public cloud service.

Close to half of manufacturers look to cloud for operational efficiency, survey reveals

Manufacturers are flocking to cloud services to reap operational benefits

About half of all large manufacturers globally are using or plan to use IT services based on public cloud platform in a bid to driver operational efficiency, an IDC research survey reveals.

US Army deploys hybrid cloud for logistics data analysis

The US Army is working with IBM to deploy a hybrid cloud platform to support its logistics system

The US Army is partnering with IBM to deploy a hybrid cloud platform to support data warehousing and data analysis for its Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) platform, the Army’s logistics support service.

AEC firm K&A moves from private to public cloud, saves 40% in costs

Khatib & Alami moved onto iland's public cloud platform this year

Global architectural design and project management firm Khatib & Alami (K&A) has moved from a private cloud platform onto a public cloud, which the company said has led to a 40 per cent reduction in IT operations management spend.

Can the cloud save Hollywood?

The film and TV industry is warming to cloud

You don’t have to watch the latest ‘Avengers’ film to get the sense the storage and computational requirements of film and television production are continuing their steady increase. But Guillaume Aubichon, chief technology officer of post-production and visual effects firm DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) says production and post-production outfits may find use in the latest and greatest in open source cloud technologies to help plug the growing gap between technical needs and capabilities – and unlock new possibilities for the medium in the process.

E&P firm sends HR function to the cloud

Newfield Exploration Company is moving its HR operations to the cloud

Newfield Exploration Company, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company has adopted Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) in a bid to streamline global HR operations and make them more mobile-friendly.