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Clouds across Europe powered by wood, water and nuclear fission

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Two differing approaches to powering the cloud with renewable energy have been unveiled this week.

Samsung unveils 128GB DDR4 memory modules for datacentres

Samsung 128GB RAM

Samsung Electronics says it is mass producing memory modules for datacentre and enterprise servers that could turbo charge cloud services.

AWS launches EC2 Dedicated Hosts feature to identify specific servers used

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new service for the nervous server hugger: it gives users knowledge of the exact server that will be running their machines and also includes management features to prevent licensing costs escalating.

Equinix connects AWS direct to data centres in Dallas and London

Equinix LD6

Data centre operator Equinix has added an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect facility in its Dallas data centre and data centres in its London International Business Exchange (IBX).

AWS launches new wind farm in green drive

Wind farm

Amazon Web Services has contracted green energy specialist EDP Renewables to build and run the 100 megawatt (MW) Amazon Wind Farm US Central in Ohio.

Google launches virtual machine customisation facility

Google cloud platform

Google has announced a new more fitting way of buying virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud. It claims the extra attention to detail will stamp out forced over purchasing and save customers money.

Equinix cleared to buy Telecity but must sell London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt facilities


The European Commission has approved the proposed acquisition of data centre operator Telecity by rival Equinix. However, to assuage anti competition concerns, Equinix had to agree to sell off a number of data centres in Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt.

Red Hat launches Cloud Access on Microsoft Azure

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Red Hat has followed yesterday’s declaration of a partnership with Microsoft by announcing the availability of Red Hat Cloud Access on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft to invest $2bn in Euro cloud infrastructure

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Microsoft has announced plans to invest $2bn on building the infrastructure across Europe to support nationally-based data centres supporting national cloud services.

Intel announces new infrastructure to support 5G cloud development

Tablet PC with 5G

Intel has announced new infrastructure products for the cloud-based 5G networks that it claims will run tomorrow’s telecoms and data centre services.