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Amazon outage hits Instagram, Vine

Amazon suffered a partial or 'gray' outage

Amazon on Sunday suffered a short outage in its web services operations that served as a reminder of the occasional perils of outsourcing services to the cloud.

Navajo Nation gets cloud storage facility

Navajo Nation gets internet connectivity

The largest Native American community in the US, the Navajo Nation, this week flipped the switch on an $8m datacentre installation that has been under development since 2009.

Deutsche Telekom avoids US servers; another secure email shuts

Deutsche Telekom is claiming SSL means more security as secure email providers start closing

Deutsche Telekom has said it will avoid routing customers’ email traffic through US hosted infrastructure and will step up email security in the wake of the NSA PRISM spying scandal.

Cloud adoption grows while enterprise datacentres investment remains flat

The Uptime Institute says cloud services is cannibalising enterprise datacentre growth

While global adoption of public cloud computing seems to be picking up pace in 2013, enterprise datacentre growth has either remained flat or decreasing, according to a report published Thursday by international datacentre authority Uptime Institute.

Ken Brill, father of the modern data centre, passes away

Kenneth G. Brill was 69 when he passed away earlier this week

Brill, who was an electrical engineer by trade, helped pioneer a number of datacentre innovations including dual power topology, the tiered system used to rank datacentre performance, and IT/facility energy efficiency and productivity measurement.

IBM, Market Creations ink deal with Geraldton for Austrialian cloud data centre

IBM Data Centre

IBM and Market Creations, an Australian-based systems integrator have inked a deal with the City of Greater Geraldton, Australia, to construct a new energy efficient cloud-enabled datacentre.