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Amazon confirms Israeli chip startup acquisition

Amazon has acquried Annapurna Labs, an Israeli networking chip maker

Amazon confirmed that it has agreed to purchase Annapurna Labs, an Israeli firm specialising in microprocessors for server systems.

Rackspace, VMware partner on managed private cloud

Rackspace is to start offering dedicated single tenant VMware vCloud managed private instances

Longitme VMware partner Rackspace is adding dedicated single tenant VMware instances to its managed private cloud portfolio. The move will see Rackspace handle all of the nitty gritty – VM backups, OS patching, infrastructure management and the like – for customers looking for dedicated vCloud instances.

Amazon to supply cloud datacentres with 500,000 MWh of wind power

Amazon is partnering with a US energy firm to build a wind farm to power its cloud datacentres

Just two months after Amazon announced it would commit to using 100 per cent renewable energy for its global cloud infrastructure the company this week announced it has partnered with an energy firm in Indiana, US to supply AWS datacentres with wind power.

MainOne unveils Nigerian cloud datacentre

The MainOne datacentre is the company's first in Nigeria

West African telecoms service provider MainOne has unveiled its latest datacentre in Lekki just outside Lagos, Nigeria. The company said it invested in the facility in order to cater to growing local demand for cloud, colocation and disaster recovery services.

SoftLayer heads to Mexico

SoftLayer's latest datacentre opened in Querétaro near Mexico City this week

IBM announced the opening of the company’s latest SoftLayer datacentre in Mexico just one week after the company unveiled its Frankfurt datacentre.

Equinix, BT, KPN among members of newly formed datacentre association

Stijn Grove: 'The Dutch datacentre sector needs a voice'

Some of the top datacentre service providers in the Netherlands have joined forces to create the Dutch Datacentre Association (DDA), an organisation with the aim of representing Dutch datacentre industry interests to local and international stakeholders and sharing useful information among members.

IBM opens SoftLayer datacentre in Frankfurt

IBM opened its first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week

IBM has announced the opening of the company’s first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week, part of its $1.2bn investment into global cloud datacentres announced nearly one year ago. The move comes just months after AWS announced the launch of its Frankfurt-based public cloud.

Akamai extends DDoS cloud service to Japan

Akamai is adding another datacentre in Japan to support its cloud-based DDoS mitigation service

Network security specialist Akamai has opened a new datacentre in Japan in a bid to extend the reach of its cloud-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation service. The move comes at a time when DDoS attacks are more easily procured than ever before.

IBM partners with Equinix, extends cloud to 12 additional locations

IBM is expanding its cloud platform to 12 new locations and partnering with Equinix for nine of them

IBM has aggressively expanded its cloud platform with the addition of twelve datacentres across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The move will see the IT giant partner with Equinix for nine of those datacentres.

HP, Salesforce join Verizon’s dark fibre interconnect for cloud services

Verizon: 'Dark fibre to inspire more confidence in cloud services'

HP and Salesforce have joined Verizon’s secure cloud interconnect service, which uses private IP addresses to connect its cloud and multiple cloud platforms together.