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Will Qualcomm chips soon power cloud datacentres?

Qualcomm signaled its intent to start designing and marketing server chips

Though Qualcomm enjoys a lead in the market for ARM-based mobile CPUs, the ARM-based server chip market is still in its infancy, with Intel – and the X86 architecture more broadly – commanding a strong lead in servers.

AWS bows to pressure to go 100% renewables

Amazon Web Services, once isolated for its carbon-heavy approach to powering its datacentres, is going green

Amazon Web Services has committed to 100 per cent renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure, bowing to pressure from organisations like Greenpeace which have previously criticised the company’s reporting practices around its carbon footprint.

BT opens cloud datacentre in Colombia

BT has opened a new datacentre in Colombia, which has attracted a number of startups and incumbents as of late

BT announced the opening of a new datacentre in Colombia, called BT Naos, which the company said would help grow its managed, hosted and cloud services in Latin America.

AWS opts for custom Intel over ARM silicon

Amazon is being supplied with customised Intel chips to power some EC2 instances

Intel is incorporating a new breed of custom Intel processors to power its recently introduced high performance EC2 instances. The move comes months after Amazon was said to be mulling a move to customised silicon.

US Department of Energy shells out $325m for OpenPower servers for big data modelling

The US Department of Energy is spending $325m to improve its HPC capacity

Two of the US Department of Energy’s leading research and development labs have bought about $325m worth of servers based on the OpenPower architecture to support the recently announced CORAL project, a collaboration between some of the largest publicly funded labs in the US.

Digital Realty partners with Zayo on cloud interconnection

Digital Realty is working with Zayo to bolster its cloud interconnection capabilities

Digital Realty has announced a deal with Zayo that will enable the datacentre operator offer low-latency connections to over 20 cloud platforms. The move will help Digital Realty compete more effectively with other datacentre giants investing in cloud interconnections.

Equinix’s $43m Tokyo datacentre to open in 2016

Equinix is building its fifth datacentre in Tokyo, aimed primarily at cloud service providers and the financial services sector

Equinix announced it intends to build its fifth datacentre in Tokyo to meet strong demand from financial services firms, cloud and content providers operating in the region.

How BMW uses OpenStack to improve the scalability, flexibility of its cloud

BMW is using OpenStack to make its cloud platform run smoothly

BMW is using OpenStack to stand up its private cloud platform in a bid to improve the scalability and flexibility of the company’s IT infrastructure, but according to Dr. Stefan Lenz, the company’s IT infrastructure, department manager datacentre, the open source project still needs to become more hardened in order to support a greater variety of workloads and use cases.

Salesforce opens UK datacentre, two more planned for 2015

Salesforce has opened its first EU datacentre in the UK

Salesforce has opened its first European datacentre in UK this week, the first of three the company plans to open in the EU in the coming year.

Microsoft contributes new cloud server specs to Open Compute Project

Microsoft has offered up the second version of its open source server spec to the Open Compute Project

Microsoft announced it is contributing the second generation of its Open CloudServer specification to the Open Compute Project, an open source collaboration aimed at reducing the cost of servers while improving their performance.