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UK MoD launches dedicated private cloud for internal apps

The UK MoD is using a hosted private cloud for internal shared services apps

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) Information Systems and Services (ISS) has deployed a private cloud based in CGI’s South Wales datacentre which is being used to host internal applications for the public sector authority.

Fujitsu partners with Equinix on Singapore cloud datacentre

Fujistu has opened its third cloud datacentre in Singapore this week

Fujitsu has set up another datacentre in Singapore this week amidst what it sees as increasing demand for cloud services in Singapore and neighbouring countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

OpenPower members reveal open source cloud tech mashups

OpenPower members have been busy creating open source server specs based on the Power8 architecture

OpenPower Foundation members pulled the curtain back on a number of open source cloud datacentre technologies including the first commercially available OpenPower-based server, and the first open server spec that combines OpenStack, Open Compute and OpenPower architectures.

CenturyLink expands public cloud in APAC

CenturyLink is expanding its public cloud platform in Singapore

American telco CenturyLink has expanded the presence of its public cloud platform to Singapore in a bid to cater to growing regional demand for cloud services.

DataCentred adds ARM 64-bit to OpenStack cloud

DataCentred is adding ARM-based OpenStack services to its public cloud portfolio

Manchester-based cloud services provider DataCentred has added ARM AArch64-based servers to its OpenStack-based public cloud platform, a product of its recently announced partnership with Codethink. The company’s head of cloud services told BCN the company is responding to customer demand for putting ARM-based workloads in the cloud.

Cisco, HP keep the lead in cloud infrastructure

cloud server Q4 2014

Data recently published by Synergy Research Group suggest Cisco and HP maintained their leadership of the cloud infrastructure kit market in the fourth quarter of last year, with the two firms accounting for over a quarter of worldwide server revenues globally.

IT facilities lead at Ford Motor Co.: ‘Data residency increasingly dominates the datacentre build vs colo vs cloud discussion’

Data residency requirements are playing an increasingly prominent role in the decision to build a datacentre, colocate or move to cloud

Enterprises should carefully consider the data residency requirements when deciding whether to build a traditional or modular datacentre, collocate your own hardware or move your workloads to the cloud, said Mark Howell, global IT facilities process improvement manager at Ford Motor Company.

HP bolsters service provider business with Open Compute, OpenStack hardware portfolio

HP has released Open Compute, OpenStack-based hardware as it looks to clawback share from ODMs

HP has pulled back the curtain on Cloudline, a portfolio of compute platforms the company said are designed for hyperscale cloud datacentres and based on open standards including specifications developed by the Open Compute and OpenStack projects.

Dell bolsters cloud programme with NTT Com partnership

Dell and NTT Com are partnering on cloud services

Dell and NTT Com have announced a partnership that will see the latter join the former’s cloud service provider programme, with NTT’s cloud services being made available to Dell customers globally.

IBM to ‘walk the walk’, adds OpenPower servers to SoftLayer

IBM is adding OpenPower-spec servers to SoftLayer datacentres

IBM said it plans to offer OpenPower-based bare metal cloud services in its SoftLayer datacentres globally in the second quarter of this year.