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Exponential Docker usage shows container popularity

Global Container Trade

Adoption of Docker’s containerisation technology has entered a period of explosive growth with its usage numbers nearly doubling in the last three months, according to its latest figures.

IBM: “The level of innovation is being accelerated”


BCN spoke to Dr. Angel Diaz, who is responsible for all of IBM’s cloud and mobile technology.

AWS – we view open source as a companion

Global Container Trade

BCN talks to Deepak Singh, General Manager of Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS

Betting on the cloud

Empty road and containers in harbor at sunset

A long-time expert on enterprise IT and cloud platforms, Dan Scholnick (General Partner, Trinity Ventures) has the distinction of having been Docker’s first venture investor.

Docker buys Unikernel Systems to make micro containers


US based container software pioneer Docker has announced the acquisition of Cambridge start up Unikernel Systems, so it can create even tinier self contained virtual system instances.

Cloud academy: Rudy Rigot and his new Holberton School

software computer school teaching

Business Cloud News talks to Container World (February 16 – 18, 2016 Santa Clara Convention Center, USA) keynote Rudy Rigot about his new software college, which opens today.

Containers: 3 big myths

Empty road and containers in harbor at sunset

Joe Schneider is DevOps Engineer at Bunchball, a company that offers gamification as a service to likes of Applebee’s and Ford Canada.

AWS opens up EC2 Container Registry to all

amazon aws

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened its technology for storing and managing application container images up to public consumption.

ElasticHosts launches elastic containers – could cut some running costs by 50%


Cloud server company ElasticHosts has announced its new model of container technology can adapt automatically to fit volatile shifts in demand for resource and bill clients accordingly.

Containers at Christmas: wrapping, cloud and competition

Empty road and containers in harbor at sunset

As anyone that’s ever been disappointed by a Christmas present will tell you – shiny packaging can be very misleading. As we hear all the time, it’s what’s inside that counts…