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SAP announces solution to help ease big data deployment

SAP announced a solution that aims to speed up deployment of big data projects

SAP has released a big data rapid deployment solution for HANA-based big data applications, which the German software vendor said can help speed up large-scale business information processing.

Microsoft buys Revolution Analytics to bolster data modelling, visualisation

Microsoft is keen to bolster its open source cred and big data capabilities

Microsoft has agreed to acquire Revolution Analytics, a vendor of programming language R, a widely used language for statistical computing and data visualisation.

12 Florida universities sign up for cloud-based analytics

The State University System of Florida organisation is using cloud-based analytics to drive operational efficiencies

The State University System of Florida, which includes 12 member state universities in the US state of Florida, has signed up to use Rosslyn Data Technologies’ cloud-based analytics platform in a bid to support the group’s financial data analysis.

Fruits of Apple, IBM mobile cloud deal ripen

Tim Cook, Apple CEO and Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, walking the walk and talking the talk

IBM and Apple have delivered the first batch of enterprise-focused iOS apps, co-developed and supported by Bluemix and IBM’s cloud infrastructure, making good on a deal the two companies – once bitter rivals – struck this summer.

IBM boosts patent portfolio with cloud, big data optimisations

IBM is bolstering its IP portfolio with cloud, analytics patents

IBM has boosted its patent portfolio by scoring two patents – one detailing a technique to speed up how data is processed and analysed in real-time data streams, the other relating to how analytics can be used to automatically shift workloads to lowest-cost cloud services within and between cloud datacentres

WPP to bolster big data, collaboration efforts in $1.25bn IBM deal

IBM has inked a $1.25bn deal with WPP to help it deploy big data and cloud-based collaboration technologies

Communications and marketing services group WPP is expanding its partnership with IBM, signing a $1.25bn seven-year deal that will see the tech giant help WPP expand its use of big data and cloud-based collaboration services.

T-Systems, Informatica buddy up on big data in the cloud

Informatica is partnering with T-Systems to provide data integration and management as a service

T-Systems and data integration specialist Informatica have teamed up to offer cloud-based data integration and management services to enterprises.

Behind the IT strategy that powers the Nissan-Renault Alliance

Stephen Kneebone, chief information officer, Nissan

The marriage of Nissan and Renault, well into its 15th year, brought with it a significant business reform strategy that puts IT transformation at its core. Stephen Kneebone, Nissan’s chief information officer with responsibility for the EMEA region explains to BCN how the Alliance’s IT strategy is helping both brands deliver a consistent, coherent digital platform for internal users and customers.

US Department of Energy shells out $325m for OpenPower servers for big data modelling

The US Department of Energy is spending $325m to improve its HPC capacity

Two of the US Department of Energy’s leading research and development labs have bought about $325m worth of servers based on the OpenPower architecture to support the recently announced CORAL project, a collaboration between some of the largest publicly funded labs in the US.

IT departments ill-equipped for Internet of Things, research finds

Recently published research suggests enterprise IT departments are ill-equipped to manage Internet of Things devices, applications and platforms

Recently published research suggests that while many businesses believe the benefits gained from using Internet of Things sensors, platforms and applications in the workplace far outweigh the associated risks, IT departments find themselves ill-equipped to address those potential risks.