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Google buys cloud app monitoring company Stackdriver

Google acquired Stackdriver and plans to integrate its cloud app monitoring tool with its cloud platform

Google said Thursday that the company has acquired cloud service monitoring startup Stackdriver for an undisclosed sum. The company said it plans to invest more in Stackdriver following its integration with the Google cloud platform.

CME Group, 6fusion collaborate on cloud exchange

6fusion and CME Group are partnering to create a spot exchange for IaaS resources

CME Group, one of Europe’s largest derivatives exchanges, and 6fusion, a company that works to standardise the economic measurement of IT infrastructure announced a definitive agreement this week that will see both companies develop a spot exchange for Infrastructure as a Service resources.

Red Hat launches OpenShift Marketplace to attract independent ISVs

OpenShift Marketplace is intended to give enterprises quicker access to partner services and attract more ISVs and users  to the platform

Red Hat announced the launch of OpenShift Marketplace this week, in a bid to broaden the appeal of its open source platform as a service project and attract independent software vendors to the service.

Cloud marketplace AppDirect raises $35m

AppDirect announced Friday that the company has raised $35m

Cloud services and management company AppDirect announced Friday that the company has raised $35m in a round of funding led by Mithril Capital Management. The company said it plans to double down on growing its cloud brokerage service and assess new partnership opportunities.

Cliqr launces open source, multi-cloud app store

Cliqr this week launched what it touts as the largest “open” cloud enterprise app store

Although enterprise app stores seem to be all the rage these days, the industry still needs better interoperability, licensing and so forth to bring more of the benefits of cloud services to users. David Cope, chief marketing officer at Cliqr Technologies, which this week launched what it touts as the largest “open” cloud enterprise app store, said that being able to migrate workloads across multiple clouds will be key to delivering those benefits.

How to enable tomorrow’s workplace

Mark Keepax, senior vice president UK & Ireland, ASG Software

The beauty of an effective enterprise app store is that it hands control back to the IT department, allowing it to provide a true IT-as-a-Service capability. Enterprises need to wake up to the reality of utilising app stores as a secure, cost-effective employee management function. Whilst app stores seemingly appear to be a one-size-fits-all dream solution to managing employee cloud services, it requires a realistic evaluation of the need for control across all departments; from procurement to IT.

Google’s mobile Chrome apps could challenge mobile enterprise incumbents

Google is preparing a toolkit for delivering Chrome-packaged apps on Android and iOS

Google is in the process of coordinating mobile development for native Chrome apps according to multiple reports. Given the richness of HTML5 the move, if successful, could be much more disruptive than anticipated, potentially challenging established mobile virtualisation incumbents like Citrix and enterprise mobile app providers more broadly.

Advanced 365, UKFast, Softcat and Phoenix join UK government G-Cloud III

Enter Cloud

Advanced 365, UKFast, Softcat and Phoenix are the latest group of cloud service suppliers to have secured a spot in the UK government CloudStore, a digital marketplace for ICT services procured by government IT departments.

Alibaba to launch own mobile OS?

Chinese e-Commerce behemoth Alibaba is reported to be building its own mobile operating system for launch in the third quarter of this year. The OS is likely to be cloud-based – the group has had a dedicated “Alibaba Cloud Computing” unit since 2009, which is now reported to be working on the project.

Telefonica joins with Microsoft to woo developers

European carrier Telefónica joined forces with Microsoft on Monday, in a bid to make developers feel more love from the carrier camp. José Valles, head of Telefónica’s BlueVia developer programme, openly admitted that operators had not had the best relationship with developers in the past before proclaiming that all that is about to change.