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Google buys Pixate to strengthen mobile app prototyping, design

Google acquired mobile design and prototyping firm Pixate this week

Google quietly acquired Pixate for an undisclosed sum this week. The company, which offers a platform that helps developers and design and prototype mobile apps, may help Google bolster the UX of its own apps while helping it expand the range of services already offered to developers.

Google’s mobile Chrome apps could challenge mobile enterprise incumbents

Google is preparing a toolkit for delivering Chrome-packaged apps on Android and iOS

Google is in the process of coordinating mobile development for native Chrome apps according to multiple reports. Given the richness of HTML5 the move, if successful, could be much more disruptive than anticipated, potentially challenging established mobile virtualisation incumbents like Citrix and enterprise mobile app providers more broadly.

Founding father

American programmer and entrepreneur Paul Buchheit has a CV that reads like Silicon Valley by numbers in terms of employers. Prior to his joining Google in 1999, Buchheit worked at Intel, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft. When he joined Google, he was employee number 23 and is credited with the creation and initial development of Gmail, as well as the prototype of AdSense.

Alibaba to launch own mobile OS?

Chinese e-Commerce behemoth Alibaba is reported to be building its own mobile operating system for launch in the third quarter of this year. The OS is likely to be cloud-based – the group has had a dedicated “Alibaba Cloud Computing” unit since 2009, which is now reported to be working on the project.

Google’s Chromebook arrives

Google’s move into the desktop operating system environment was completed Wednesday with the launch of its much anticipated Chromebook device, which is to be manufactured by Acer and Samsung. In a throwback to the days of the dumb terminal, the device is essentially a portal to cloud-based applications and services, all accessed through the Chrome browser.

Google preps cloud for music storage

Ever the disruptive force, Google on Tuesday launched a cloud-based music locker service, yet irked the music labels in the process. The big question now is whether it will survive without support or be embraced as a rival to iTunes.

T-Mobile kills Danger

T-Mobile USA has said it will launch a new 4G Sidekick device that runs on Android “soon.” The move marks the end of the road for Danger, Microsoft’s client-server platform that features on the device; having continued to support the service following its withdrawal of the handset last year, T-Mobile announced yesterday that it would be switching off its Danger servers by the end of May 2011.

Motorola, HTC in the hunt to be Android’s answer to iTunes

At a time when speculation that both Google and Apple are preparing to launch cloud-based music services is rife, Motorola Mobility Ventures has announced the investment of an unspecified sum into Catch Media, a cloud-based content delivery service that last year, was rumoured to be part of Google’s plans to take on Apple in the online music space.