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Webinar | Cloud Backup: What Customers Really Want


If you’re looking to grow your cloud services business, backup is a great way to do it. The cloud provides a convenient place to store backups offsite – and even recover in the event of a disaster – for all those organizations without their own second site.

Realizing the Promise of Enterprise-wide Content Management by Reducing Complexity


Though ECM is often introduced into the enterprise as a point solution, it should be viewed as a business strategy that delivers overall business benefits as well as solving the immediate need for which it is implemented. Unfortunately, the historical complexity of ECM solutions has made consistent enterprise adoption expensive and difficult, requiring costly professional services and extensive training and change management.

Developments and new applications of cloud computing


Webinar available to view on-demand This webinar tracks the evolution of cloud from its inception to the present, and ultimately predicting where it heads next. We are quickly approaching a world where companies demand a tightly coupled network and computing experience as well as computing distributed offering lower latencies, more sophisticated network control and greater direct control BUT with the same brilliant ease and simplicity we have all come to expect from the cloud.

The Cloud Webinar Series 2013

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Business Cloud News is proud to present an exclusive series of webinars which will provide a unique opportunity to learn from a panel of Cloud pioneers and experts from Cloud World Forum 2013.

Driving Revenues in the Cloud Era


Service providers looking to grow revenue in a mature services market need to create new and differentiated business services that address the evolving requirements of local enterprises. This involves using more analytical and tailored go-to-market plans to identify and target potential customers.