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Private vs. public cloud and the great privacy debate

Paul Steiner, managing director, EMEA, Accellion

The revelations that continue to pour out of Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald, regarding the NSA’s capabilities to mass-collect data from some of the largest technology companies in the world, has pushed the debate of public vs. private cloud to a fevered pitch. I’ve heard this conversation manifesting itself in different ways around the globe, but in the EU its mostly centered on the control of personal data, and how individuals and companies alike can ensure the security of their confidential information – a growing challenge for enterprises today.

IBM goes for Amazon in ad campaign but who’s really leading?

IBM's Softlayer hosts far more websites than AWS. But cloud has expanded well beyond traditional hosting

Taking a page out of Microsoft’s attacks on Google in the enterprise, IBM this week began launching a series of attack ads against its public cloud rival Amazon Web Services in print and online. The tech giant says its SoftLayer business hosts hundreds of thousands more websites than AWS, but parsing through vague definitions of ‘cloud’ and opaque financial reporting one gets a very different sense of who actually leads in public cloud computing.

Tearing down the walls of vendor lock-in

Gary Calcott, technical marketing manager, Progress Software

Imagine the feeling, you’re sitting in a tiny grey prison cell, by no fault of your own. You have been wrongfully convicted and locked inside four walls. Your only way out is paying a lot of money. While you are locked away, you can see the outside world, observe how it evolves, hear rumours of new gadgets and exciting innovations. You have hundreds of ideas and long to participate but your sparks of creativity fizzle out at the walls of your cell. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly how cloud developers feel about lock-in.

Public cloud margins and the so-called “cloud war”

It's all about scale in the public cloud game, but what can IaaS players do in the short term to differentiate from their larger competitors?

One of the most popular assumptions in the public cloud game is the notion that every major infrastructure as a service player is currently embroiled in a “race to the bottom,” chasing after Amazon’s near monthly price cutting. But the margins aren’t as razor thin as some think, meaning the “cloud war” is far from over, and this might have serious implications for pure-play IaaS providers over the coming years.

VMware: down for the count or on the rebound?

VMware will announce their Q2 results on July 23

With executives defecting left and right and the company’s divestment strategy in full swing, VMware is certainly in the throes of change. But it remains to be seen whether it’s for better or for worse.

Big Data, Fibre, HTML 5 are the future of cloud, says Thomas Davies at Google

Thomas Davies is Google Enterprise's managing director for UK and Ireland

In the wake of the public release of Google Compute Engine, the internet giant’s highly anticipated public infrastructure as a service cloud offering, Business Cloud News speaks with Thomas Davies, managing director for UK and Ireland at Google Enterprise to discuss enterprises and the future of cloud adoption.

Big Data: the Hoarder’s dream


‘Big Data’ is one of those buzz phrases doing the rounds in the industry at the moment. It’s an adjacent topic to cloud but is being thrown around in much the same way, often prefixed by the question: “What are you doing about…?” Well, with the costs of storage plummeting, it’s becoming clear that the answer to that question is you should be storing everything.

Telco Cloud: The Trojan Buffalo


Right now operators are stampeding towards “The Cloud” as if a pack of lions were nipping at their flanks; there were 300 cloud service launches by telcos in 2012, according to Informa’s Camille Mendler. The problem with stampeding operators is that—like buffalo—they’re not always individually aware of where they’re going and why.

OpenStack makes headway; wins Ericsson support


With virtualisation evolving rapidly and open source in favour, telecom equipment vendors could all end up developing what is effectively the same software to manage the cloud. But what they have to bring to the table is telecom-grade experience.

Telco Cloud: The Trojan Buffalo


At Telco Cloud World Forum this week, one speaker likened operators to buffalo that have grazed their feeding grounds to dust and are now in need of pastures new.