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6 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Intranet


As cloud technology continues to enter business operations, services and platforms that were formerly strictly on-site solutions are developing new opportunities for businesses looking to expand into internet-based computing. Intranets are the perfect example.

Head in the clouds: Four key trends affecting enterprises

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Cloud is changing the way businesses are functioning and has provided a new and improved level of flexibility and collaboration.

Digital Transformation: Seven Big Traps to avoid in Implementing Bimodal IT

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‘Bimodal IT’ is a term coined by Gartner. It describes one approach for both keeping the lights on with mission critical, but stable core IT systems (Mode 1), whilst taking another route (Mode 2) to delivering the innovative new applications required to digitally transform and differentiate the business.

What the buzz is DevOps?

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In an industry where there seems to be a constant conveyor belt of buzzwords, you’ll struggle to find one that is currently more widely used that DevOps. Here we look at the business value of one of 2016’s most prominent trends.

Head in the clouds? What to consider when selecting a hybrid cloud partner

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The benefits of any cloud solution relies heavily on how well it’s built and how much advance planning goes into the design. So how do you get the most from your hybrid cloud provider?

The economics of disaster recovery

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Companies increasingly need constant access to data and the cost of losing this access – downtime – can be catastrophic. Large organizations can quickly find themselves in the eye of a storm when software glitches strike.

The easiest way to explain the cloud to your boss

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One of the predominant issues preventing enterprises from realising the benefits of the cloud is their limited understanding of the technology.

Harnessing the vertical cloud: why regulatory burdens don’t have to feel like an uphill struggle

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As cloud adoption continues to grow, business innovation, scalability and agility are not only becoming realistic goals for the modern business, but mandatory requirements in order to facilitate growth and keep up with the competition.

Containers: 3 big myths

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Joe Schneider is DevOps Engineer at Bunchball, a company that offers gamification as a service to likes of Applebee’s and Ford Canada.

Tackling the resource gap in the transition to hybrid IT


We call the difference between what the IT department is being asked to do, and what it is able to do, the resources gap.