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The easiest way to explain the cloud to your boss

one plus one cloud deal

One of the predominant issues preventing enterprises from realising the benefits of the cloud is their limited understanding of the technology.

Harnessing the vertical cloud: why regulatory burdens don’t have to feel like an uphill struggle

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As cloud adoption continues to grow, business innovation, scalability and agility are not only becoming realistic goals for the modern business, but mandatory requirements in order to facilitate growth and keep up with the competition.

Containers: 3 big myths

Empty road and containers in harbor at sunset

Joe Schneider is DevOps Engineer at Bunchball, a company that offers gamification as a service to likes of Applebee’s and Ford Canada.

Tackling the resource gap in the transition to hybrid IT


We call the difference between what the IT department is being asked to do, and what it is able to do, the resources gap.

Can Safe Harbour stay afloat?


Although the slow churning of US and EU authorities negotiating a replacement for Safe Harbour can be heard in the distance, no timeline has yet been set for its implementation.

Deciding between private and public cloud

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Innovation and technological agility is now at the heart of an organization’s ability to compete. Companies that rapidly onboard new products and delivery models gain competitive advantage, not by eliminating the risk of business unknowns, but by learning quickly, and fine-tuning based on the experience gathered.

Cloud is growing up: from cost saving to competitive advantage


The last decade witnessed one of, if not the most transformational waves of technological change ever to break on the shores of IT – cloud computing.

Containers at Christmas: wrapping, cloud and competition

Empty road and containers in harbor at sunset

As anyone that’s ever been disappointed by a Christmas present will tell you – shiny packaging can be very misleading. As we hear all the time, it’s what’s inside that counts…

The end of the artisan world of IT computing

cloud computing machine learning autonomous

We are all working toward an era of autonomics ‒ a time when machines not only automate key processes and tasks, but truly begin to analyse and make decisions for themselves.

How Silicon Valley is disrupting space

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We tend to think of the Space Industry as quintessentially cutting edge. As such it feels awfully strange to hear somebody compare it to the pre-Uber taxi industry – nowadays the definition of an ecosystem ripe for seismic technological disruption.