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HP bolsters Helion with OpenStack, Cloud Foundry offerings

HP has launched OpenStack and Cloud Foundry-based offerings

Making good on promises the company made in May this year HP has announced the launch of its first commercial OpenStack distribution, and a commercial platform as a service offering based on Cloud Foundry. Paul Morgan, HP EMEA CloudSystem director told BCN the launch will be critical to positioning the company as the leader in the cloud space.

AWS lands in Germany, targets security-sensitive customers

AWS senior vice president Andy Jassy

Amazon has announced the launch of AWS in Germany, the second European location launched by the cloud incumbent and the 11th globally. Senior vice president Andy Jassy said the move will bolster the service’s reach in Europe as it looks to broaden its appeal to more regulated sectors.

IBM, Microsoft bring software, middleware to SoftLayer and Azure

Microsoft and IBM are enabling one another's software to work in SoftLayer and Azure

Microsoft and IBM have agreed to make one another’s software and middleware available on SoftLAyer and Azure, respectively. The company’s said the partnership will help ease customers’ adoption of hybrid cloud services.

VMware to start breaking out cloud revenue in 2015

Cloud is now 5 per cent of VMware's business

VMware announced revenues for the third quarter this year were $1.52bn, an 18 per cent increase on Q3 last year. But the company also reported a 26 per cent decrease in net income and a sequential decline in the quarterly revenue growth rate, which VMware president and chief operating officer Carl Eschenbach said was because sales discussions are taking longer now that its cloud services are entering the picture more frequently.

Why EMC is acquiring most of Cisco’s stake in VCE

EMC is taking ownership of VCE

EMC announced it has acquired most of Cisco’s stake in VCE, the company jointly created by the two companies (along with VMware and Intel) in 2009 to sell converged compute, networking and storage offerings – Vblock Systems. The move is a sign growing competitive tensions among EMC, VMware and Cisco are coming to a head.

Google buys API specialist Firebase

James Tamplin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Firebase

Google has long taken interest in the kinds of sync capabilities Firebase has built. The company uses REST APIs and extends the use of HTML 5 FileSystem APIs to keep Chromebooks in sync with its cloud services, for instance. With Firebase joining Google, the search giant will be able to extend those kinds of capabilities to a range of mobile and desktop platforms.

Citrix buys e-signing incumbent RightSignature

Citrix bought RightSignature and plans to integrate the service with ShareFile

Both Citrix and RightSignature have worked together for a number of years now, but the acquisition will see RightSignature’s team join Citrix’s documents and cloud division, and tighter integration between RightSignature and Citrix ShareFile, the company’s document sharing and collaboration platform.

Microsoft, Dell deliver “Azure-consistent” cloud-in-a-box

Microsoft CPS

Microsoft said the Cloud Platform System (CPS) blends all of the architectural, design, operational and technological experience the company has generated over the years in building out Azure, with Dell hardware – Dell PowerEdge servers, storage, and networking switches.

German transport company taps IBM private cloud for SAP platform

SSB updated its infrastructure to keep up with growing data volumes

Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG (SSB), the principal public transportation organisation in the City of Stuttgart, Germany, has deployed IBM’s private cloud platform and flash storage in a bid to improve data access speeds and availability of its SAP ERP platform.

BAE moves on SilverSky in cybersecurity play

BAE is reportedly paying $230m for SilverSky

BAE Systems has announced the acquisition of SilverSky, a provider of cloud-based security with clients primarily in regulated sectors. Ian King, chief executive officer of BAE Systems said the move will bolster the company’s cybersecurity business.