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Will Qualcomm chips soon power cloud datacentres?

Qualcomm signaled its intent to start designing and marketing server chips

Though Qualcomm enjoys a lead in the market for ARM-based mobile CPUs, the ARM-based server chip market is still in its infancy, with Intel – and the X86 architecture more broadly – commanding a strong lead in servers.

As NSA reform dies, questions about Safe Harbour reform loom

NSA reform, or lack thereof, may create more urgency around reforming the Safe Harbour agreement

The USA Freedom Act, which was proposed in a bid to end mass surveillance and give more transparency and oversight to how digital communications are monitored by the US intelligence community, died on the floor of the US Senate this week, falling just two votes shy of the 60 votes it needed to pass. Some analysts believe the result will stoke further debate around Safe Harbour and other data sharing agreements with the US.

AWS bows to pressure to go 100% renewables

Amazon Web Services, once isolated for its carbon-heavy approach to powering its datacentres, is going green

Amazon Web Services has committed to 100 per cent renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure, bowing to pressure from organisations like Greenpeace which have previously criticised the company’s reporting practices around its carbon footprint.

CipherCloud scores $50m for cloud data security

CipherCloud has secured $50m in funding

CipherCloud has scored $50m in its latest funding round, which the cloud security vendor plans to use to bolster its international expansion strategy.

Azure outage raises questions about public cloud for mission-critical apps

Azure's outages raises questions about the suitability of public cloud platforms for mission-critical applications

Microsoft Azure has been hit by yet another global outage, this time impacting even its own online Office services and websites. The outage raises serious questions about whether these kinds of public cloud platforms are ready for mission-critical workloads.

Verizon cloud marketplace goes live

Verizon's cloud marketplace aims to make it easier for devs to deploy applications on its infrastructure

Verizon has unveiled its one-stop-shop for cloud-based applications certified to work on the telco’s cloud infrastructure.

IBM Verse sits in the grey area between email and collaboration

IBM Verse uses machine learning to help curate content and learn more about users' networks

IBM has unveiled a cloud-based email service that uses machine learning algorithms to help curate how users interact with messages and content.

Cisco, Box team on cloud-based collaboration

Cisco and Box are delivering Project Squared, a cloud-based collaboration service

Cisco and Box have announced the launch of Project Squared, a cloud-based collaboration platform jointly developed by incumbent and startup. The platform may prove to be a capable alternative for smaller companies that don’t already invest in Cisco’s legacy infrastructure or services.

Lufthansa taps IBM in €1bn outsourcing deal putting cloud, analytics front and centre

Lufthansa is enlisting IBM to help modernise the airline's IT strategy

Deutsche Lufthansa AG announced it has enlisted IBM in a seven-year outsourcing deal worth €1bn that will cover the management of the company’s datacentres and IT services. Lufthansa said the move will help bolster its use of cloud, mobile and analytics tools across the business.

BT opens cloud datacentre in Colombia

BT has opened a new datacentre in Colombia, which has attracted a number of startups and incumbents as of late

BT announced the opening of a new datacentre in Colombia, called BT Naos, which the company said would help grow its managed, hosted and cloud services in Latin America.