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Conficker is commonest criminal in the cloud says ThreatCloud report

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Three families of malware account for 40% of all the crime on the cloud across the globe, according to a new report from security firm Checkpoint.

China Telecom launches cloud service to Indian market

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The Indian subsidiary of China Telecom (China Telecom India) has launched a business cloud service to Chinese businesses operating on the India market.

New Microsoft Trust Center aims to offer stability in shifting cloud industry


Microsoft has aggregated all the information about its cloud services into one single point of reference, in an attempt to clarify and simplify the increasingly ethereal nature of the cloud.

Clouds across Europe powered by wood, water and nuclear fission

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Two differing approaches to powering the cloud with renewable energy have been unveiled this week.

Samsung unveils 128GB DDR4 memory modules for datacentres

Samsung 128GB RAM

Samsung Electronics says it is mass producing memory modules for datacentre and enterprise servers that could turbo charge cloud services.

Data consumption outgrows personal storage capabilities – research

Cloud storage

The sheer weight of data is growing far too fast for personal storage devices to cope, says new research which will delight device makers and disappoint cloud storage providers, if true.

IBM open-sources machine learning SystemML

Machine 2 Machine

IBM is aiming to popularise its proprietary machine learning programme SystemML through open-source communities.

Shareholders question value in Dell/EMC deal

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The prospect of a potential shareholder revolt has changed the terms of the EMC takeover by Dell.

New players ally to G-Cloud 7 amid accusations of anti-cloud behaviour

Cloud computing

A number of new service providers have announced their participation in the latest iteration of the UK’s government computing services framework, G-Cloud 7.

ERP uptake set to boom as risk diminishes – research

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A new survey provides potentially exciting news of lucrative opportunities for cloud service providers. Nearly a third of all enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the world will attempt the migration to the cloud in the next two years, if a study commissioned by Hitachi Solutions Europe is accurate.