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Cloud providers need to work on SLA’s and reliability, says NATS CIO

NATS is one of Europe's largest air traffic control service providers

Cloud service providers have been improving their service terms but still have a way to go when it comes to guaranteeing service reliability, says NATS CIO Gavin Walker.

Cloud played role in Jaguar Land Rover’s transformation, says IT director

Alex Rammal is business relationship director of IT at Jaguar Land Rover

Over the past five years Jaguar-Land Rover has transformed from a loss-making business into the triumph of the luxury automotive sector it once was, and the company’s journey to the cloud was in part an outgrowth and facilitator of that transformation says Alex Rammal, business relationship director of IT at Jaguar Land Rover.

A greener cloud is slowly emerging, says Andrew Hatton Greenpeace

Andrew Hatton is head of IT at Greenpeace UK

With Greenpeace’s “Clean our Cloud” initiative now well into its second year, Business Cloud News had the chance to speak with Andrew Hatton, the UK branch’s head of IT about the progress the initiative has made with the campaign as well as the organisation’s own shift into the cloud.

G-Cloud adoption challenges due to lack of education, says former lead

Denise McDonagh moved back to the Home Office to resume her role as IT director at the beginning of June

In her last public appearance representing the programme, former head of UK government cloud initiative, G-Cloud, Denise McDonagh called on the country’s government to focus on promoting public sector cloud service uptake through the Cloud Store and help address widespread challenges to cloud adoption.

IT departments need to own the integration aspect, says Sony IT director

Ian Cox is interim IT director at Sony Entertainment

With hybrid cloud looking to become the dominant flavour adopted by organisations globally over the next few years, IT departments will have to respond to the growing set of challenges this poses. Business Cloud News recently had the chance to speak one-on-one with Ian Cox, interim IT director at Sony Entertainment to discuss his thoughts on this within the context of the evolving IT ecosystem and the growing popularity of the cloud.

Share and sync needs to be cloud agnostic, says YouSendIt SVP

Eric van Miltenburg is YouSendIt's senior vice president of business development

YouSendIt is one of the most mature cloud-based file share and sync services on the market today, and Business Cloud News recently had the chance to sit down with Eric van Miltenburg, the company’s senior vice president of business development to chat about the future of share and sync, enterprise IT and the cloud. As […]

Big Data, Fibre, HTML 5 are the future of cloud, says Thomas Davies at Google

Thomas Davies is Google Enterprise's managing director for UK and Ireland

In the wake of the public release of Google Compute Engine, the internet giant’s highly anticipated public infrastructure as a service cloud offering, Business Cloud News speaks with Thomas Davies, managing director for UK and Ireland at Google Enterprise to discuss enterprises and the future of cloud adoption.

Cloud and BYOD make headway in London local council

According to Conaway, nearly every employee of Brent Council has a smartphone or tablet

According to Brent Council chief information officer Stephan Conaway, most of the organisation’s data now resides in the cloud, which in some ways represents a significant deviation from how local government traditionally runs IT.

Creating sticky revenue essential for enterprise app devs, says Chris Yeh of Box

Box's $rev programme will help app devs get more out of developing mobile enterprise applications

Chris Yeh, senior VP of platforms at sync and share player talks to Business Cloud News about a new programme for cloud application developers, called Box $rev, and a software development kit (SDK) to help bring app offerings to the Andoird and iOS platforms.

Interoute CTO: “Combined networking and infrastructure the future of cloud”

Interoute's chief technical officer Matthew Finnie

Interoute, owner and operator of one of Europe’s largest cloud based services platforms on Wednesday announced that it has extended its offerings to include a dedicated cloud storage solution from NetApp, an American-based provider of integrated network storage. This means that NetApp Storage Virtual Machine customers will be able to tap into Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre comprising five virtual data centre zones in Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva, London and Paris – all integrated into the heart of Interoute’s pan European cloud platform and connected by its high capacity fibre optic network.