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Open Compute Project cuts failure rates by factor of three

Frank Frankovsky, vice president of infrastructure at Facebook

Headed by Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure Frank Frankofvky, the Open Compute Project was launched two years ago in a bid to integrate open source principles into the design of datacentre infrastructure including servers, switches, cooling and rack design. And though none of the big three – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google – have joined OCP the designs being developed by the community have already demonstrated significant optimisations over today’s datacentre kit.

Cloud requires a datacentre revolution open source can deliver, says Rackspace VP

Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology, Rackspace

Interoperability in the cloud is something most vendors talk about and all enterprises desire, but achieving the goal of large, scalable, interoperable clouds will require a revolution in the datacentre. This is not happening fast enough for Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology at Rackspace. But as the open source philosophy begins to take hold in the development not just of software but of physical datacentre assets, that revolution might not be too far off.

Insurers begin looking to cloud for IT operational efficiencies

Juniper says that the insurance industry will focus its IT spend on targeting legacy systems modernisation, online channels, and fraud detection systems.

Global insurance IT budgets are projected to grow at a 6.5 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) with total IT spend reaching $109bn by 2017. Moreover a growing portion of the investment will be going towards cloud computing technologies among others according to research and analysis firm Ovum.

Q&A With Simon Pamplin, Brocade: SDN’s impact on the cloud

Simon Pamplin, Director, Systems Engineering, West EMEA at Brocade

There’s a great deal of hype surrounding software defined networking (SDN) these days. But sifting through the growing abundance of material alluding to the many benefits SDN it is difficult to get a sense of exactly how this technology will impact datacenter operators, cloud service providers, and of course, customers of cloud services.

Olery CTO: We are a 100% cloud company

Wilco van Duinkerken, chief technical officer, Olery

Delivering business intelligence to the hospitality industry, Olery’s transition from a startup with a headcount of three to a 20-person company in just two years required an IT setup that could scale as it evolved. As a result, the company turned to the cloud for everything from service delivery and product development to sales, marketing and productivity, according to Wilco van Duinkerken, Olery’s chief technical officer.

Bournemouth University shaves six figures off budget with cloud

Mark Flexman, service planning manager at Bournemouth University

Two years ago Bournemouth University embarked on a complete overhaul of its internal IT processes and has since managed to shave a healthy six figure sum off its budget using cloud-based technologies, according to Mark Flexman, the University’s service planning manager.

Put trust in the cloud says Islamic Bank of Britain COO

Gamil: banks can go further and faster with cloud services

Banks should not be afraid to go further and faster in their adoption of cloud computing, says Mohamed Gamil, chief operating officer at Islamic Bank of Britain.

Telcos need to seriously question cloud, says British Gas technology director

Kassir Hussein, director technology, British Gas

With nearly two decades of experience spanning the telecoms and IT sectors, Kassir Hussain, director of technology at British Gas and former telco innovation lead sat down to speak with Business Cloud News about a range of topics including how the cloud forms the foundation of the company’s new connected homes initiative, and his thoughts on how his former employers – the telcos – are faring in the increasingly competitive cloud arena.

Big data will force a re-think, says Google cloud and big data guru

Barak Regev is head of cloud EMEA and big data guru at Google UK

While many businesses have only recently been engulfed in the big data frenzy currently sweeping through the commercial world, Google can legitimately claim its place as a key enabler of the revolution in data storage and processing that led to it.

Photobox CTO: Cloud is like the ‘Wild West’ – great opportunities, many pitfalls

Graham Hobson is chief technical officer and co-founder of Photobox

As the volume of Photobox’s interactions with customers grew, so too did its data stores. This forced the company to rethink it’s IT strategy as it increasingly felt hamstrung by the lack of scale in the storage and compute capabilities on offer from traditional legacy kit.