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IDC: Cloud to make up nearly half of IT infrastructure spending by 2019

Enterprise adoption of public cloud services seems to be outstripping private cloud demand

Total cloud infrastructure spending will grow by 21 per cent year over year to $32bn this year, accounting for approximately 33 per cent of all IT infrastructure spending, up from about 28 per cent in 2014, according to IDC.

Gartner: CIOs need to focus on supporting mobile, context-aware services, analytics

CIOs need to put in place the kind of infrastructure that can support mobile services, predictive analytics, and context-aware services

A recent Gartner poll of 2,800 chief information officers globally reveals public cloud is in itself of minimal focus among a wide range of deployment options they must consider to support the next generation of applications, services and devices. The firm said CIOs need to instead focus instead of supporting mobility and using analytics to improve operations.

Telstra: Companies buying from too many cloud vendors, adding complexity

IT pros are buying cloud services from too many vendors, adding unnecessary complexity, Telstra claims

Enterprises are buying their cloud services from too many vendors, which is creating unnecessary complexity and slowing time to market, according to recently published research from Australian telco Telstra.

Financial services firms still cagey about cloud computing


Cloud computing is becoming more prevalent throughout the financial sector but many firms say they are less than halfway to having a firm cloud strategy in place, with controls and security remaining primary concerns.

AWS keeps lead over Microsoft, IBM, Google in cloud

Cloud market 2014Q4

Fourth quarter 2014 data suggests Amazon Web Services (AWS) has hit a five-year high in its share of the cloud infrastructure service market despite more competitors having entered the fray over that period.

Cloud procurement increasingly shared between business lines and IT

Enterprises are going all-in on cloud, but line of businesses are taking command of purchasing and deployment

While greater numbers of enterprises flock to use cloud services, recently published research suggests responsibility for purchasing and managing cloud-based apps is increasingly being shared between IT and lines of businesses, which can create service management and information governance issues.

Skyhigh: Enterprises lag on cloud security but services are getting better

Enterprises are still overwhelmingly using medium and high-risk cloud services en masse

Data from Skyhigh’s latest cloud adoption and risk report in Europe, which collates data from 1.4 million users, suggests cloud adoption has clearly accelerated rapidly this year, but less than one in ten cloud services used in enterprises today are considered low-risk. Kamal Shah, Skyhigh’s vice president of products and Nigel Hawthorn, Skyhigh’s marketing director for EMEA told BCN that while enterprises are embracing cloud services of questionable data security and privacy standards, the fastest growing cloud services today are less risky in this regard.

Private cloud security on the minds of IT pros

Enterprise IT pros are concerned about private cloud, but don't seem to have plans to do much about them

While the security of public cloud solutions like those offered by AWS and Microsoft seem to dominate headlines research published this week suggests enterprise IT professionals are just as concerned about private cloud solutions, often thought to be less vulnerable to security threats.

Data governance issues slowing US fed move to cloud

Data governance challenges are holding back US federal government agencies from moving to the cloud

Nearly ninety per cent of federal government IT professionals are apprehensive about migrating their agencies’ systems to the cloud, with many migration projects still being held up by cloud-related data governance challenges, recently published research by MeriTalk reveals. Research by the same firm earlier this summer suggests these agencies could be missing out on roughly $19bn in savings.

Gulf between perception and reality on cloud security persists, research suggests

Research suggests a gap between perception and reality on cloud security persists

Research published this week suggests there continues to be a strong discrepancy between perception of data security in the cloud and what is actually experienced by cloud users. The Cloud Industry Forum said the results suggest industry needs to work harder to address fear, uncertainty and doubt and the growing gulf between perception and reality.