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Business Cloud News is an essential source of the latest news, analysis and interviews addressing the cloud computing and enterprise IT markets. With cloud computing having shifted from the early adopter phase to the mass market, a diverse and expanding range of industries is increasingly reliant on virtualization and the cloud. Business Cloud News helps illuminate the most exciting trends and educate the ever-expanding ecosystem, helping buyers and sellers gain a clear understanding of the marketplace. With pioneering technologies and use-cases emerging every day, Business Cloud News is here to provide context, analysis and comment, shining a guiding light over this exciting industry.

Scott Bicheno
Editorial Director

Scott is Editorial Director of BCN and and has been covering the mobile and broader technology industries for over ten years. Prior to Scott was the primary smartphone specialist at industry analyst Strategy Analytics. Before that Scott was a technology journalist, covering the PC and telecoms sectors from a business perspective.

Jamie Davies
Deputy Editor

Jamie is the Deputy Editor of BCN, having moved over from producing conferences covering the cloud and virtualization sectors for our parent company Informa. Jamie brings with him a strong understanding of the current trends affecting the enterprise IT world as well as an insight into what makes its companies tick and a fresh take on how to communicate all this to the outside world.



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