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Business Cloud News is an industry leading source of news, analysis and feature content focused on the cloud computing sector and enterprise IT globally. At a time when most enterprises are encountering an unprecedented shift in how they procure and consume technology, Business Cloud News helps illuminate some of the most prominent trends in information technology modernisation, and offers an in-depth look at how some of the world’s leading brands and public sector organisations are adopting these cloud-based services in order to yield a competitive advantage while navigating the challenges often involved with marrying these services and technologies with their existing IT estates. With new technology and service companies rising to unseat incumbent providers in creating new ways for enterprises to solve longstanding technical and commercial challenges, timely and informed reporting on the sector – with a focus on this nascent and fast-changing segment – has never been more essential. As ever, Business Cloud News will be there to provide context, analysis, and above all, a view towards where the IT industry is heading.

Scott Bicheno


Scott is editor of BCN and and has been covering the mobile and broader technology industries for over ten years. Prior to Scott was the primary smartphone specialist at industry analyst Strategy Analytics. Before that Scott was a technology journalist, covering the PC and telecoms sectors from a business perspective.


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