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welder weld root weld from inside of big pipePerformance management company Dynatrace has announced a new partnership with Pivotal to monitor the performance of transactions across their Pivotal Cloud Foundry app and micro-services portfolio.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring Service Broker Tile and Buildpack Extensions will offer customers the opportunity to identify and resolve performance issues during and after a cloud migration project. The team claim the new offering will enable customers to create performance standards, which will ultimately improve user experience.

“The root-cause-analysis capabilities in Dynatrace products solve the new set of challenges that a Cloud Native microservices architecture creates – namely, that there are so many moving parts, it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause of aberrant system behaviour,” said Joshua McKenty, Head of Platform Ecosystem at Pivotal.

The migration to cloud computing has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, as companies are aiming to create more business value around the projects, building use cases which extend beyond a reduction in CAPEX/OPEX. Dynatrace claim the new product will enable customers to maintain visibility of all apps, containers and VMs under management, as well as identifying root causes of performance troughs. The new offering is mainly aimed at those focused on cloud native application development and multi-cloud deployments, with Dynatrace claiming developers can now proactively optimize end-to-end transaction latencies.

“For Pivotal Cloud Foundry users, this collaboration will result in new levels of actionable insight into their apps,” said Rob Cohen, VP of Strategic Business Development at Dynatrace. “Equally important for companies leading the Cloud Native approach, it will encourage better collaboration through data transparency, which is a key part of continuous delivery in the cloud.”