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Rackspace logoHosting company Rackspace has launched Private Cloud which (as the name suggests) is a private cloud ‘as a service’ built on the foundation of OpenStack technology.

The new offering is an addition to its portfolio of Rackspace OpenStack-as-a-Service offerings, as part of the hosting company’s strategy to simplify and popularise OpenStack private and hybrid clouds.

The service is to be fully managed by OpenStack and Red Hat experts at Rackspace and backed by the company’s ‘Fanatical Support’ team. The offering is backed by a guarantee of 99.99% OpenStack API uptime. Rackspace contributes to Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform by testing and certifying hardware and software compatibility and benchmarking its performance and availability. Rackspace manages and maintains the Red Hat environment including the underlying Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

In 2015 Rackspace was named as Red Hat’s North American Cloud Partner of the Year in recognition of its 170 Red Hat certifications and OpenStack operational expertise. The two main pillars of Rackspace’s cloud service proposition will be its Red Hat Certified Solution and its ‘Reduced Complexity’ pledge. The solution is a certified deployment of Red Hat Linux OpenStack Platform that Rackspace describes as ‘enterprise hardened’ and supported by a range of service partners. As part of the complexity cutting drive, Rackspace says it will give customers a single point of contact for their entire cloud services and will bring together all their other Red Hat subscriptions using Red Hat Cloud Access.

It’s all about making the customer’s infrastructure problems go away, according to Darrin Hanson, vice president and general manager of OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace. “We help make OpenStack simple by eliminating the complexity and delivering it as a service to customers in their data centre, a Rackspace data centre or in a colocation facility,” said Hanson.

In October BCN reported how Rackspace had ramped up its suite of products and support for Amazon Web Services, in a pact that involves the hosting company offering managed service offerings including tools, expertise, application management and operational support for AWS Cloud. In November it launched an ‘instant container’ offering which it says will take the strain out of building infrastructure. The cloud industry is in a period of exponential growth in the use of container technology, with Docker reporting that 2 billion pulls have been downloaded from its hub.